GPS Photo ! iPhone app lacks logic

GPS Photo ! by GTX Corp is a camera application for the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running iOS 3.0 or later. This app will mark your picture with the location and date taken. It seems to me that this kind of takes the native camera app for the iPhone back to the film era, when your camera used to put that little red imprint of the date in the bottom corner of your picture. I do not recommend this app, however.

Basically, the app is a “use-instead-of” camera app for your iPhone that geo-tags your pictures. The app functions like a stripped-down version of your native camera app, while overlaying the location and the date the picture was taken in the lower middle area of the image. This is kind of cool except for the fact that it only uses one font and one color (white), and is unable to detect white space in the picture. This, of course, causes the watermark to be washed out if the picture is slightly over-exposed or you are shooting something white.

Navigating the app itself is also a bit frustrating. It doesn’t follow a logical procession with the app. For example, when you’re in the camera, there’s no way to get out of the camera without taking a picture. I found the interface to be quite unintuitive in relation to the native iPhone camera app. It’s not an app that would replace any of my camera apps. Even if the concept was extraordinary, the interface is where this app fails the most.

For most iPhone or iPod Touch users, this app is not worth the 99 cents. The overall principle of the app is nice if you want to always know the date and location of every picture you take, but for me it seems far easier to take the pictures, load them to Facebook, and put the date and location in the comment.

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