How One Company is Helping Nourish Relationships Through Gifting

Bees Knees Care Package

In an age when relationships are too often relegated to digital “friends” and social media “likes,” building real human connection and nourishing it is more crucial than ever. One company that’s committed to nurturing interpersonal relationships is Spoonful of Comfort.

As its name implies, Spoonful’s mission is nourishment. Founder and CEO Marti Wymer says, “When you nourish your customers, you nourish your business. The personal connection in business relationships fuels me on a daily basis. One way to foster and nurture those relationships is through gift giving.”

So Spoonful of Comfort takes its delicious soups and delectable desserts a step beyond the food itself. It packages this nourishment as thoughtfully curated gift baskets.

Giving Gifts That Keep on Giving

When you picture a gift basket, you may be remembering a long-ago holiday basket filled with fruitcake no one wanted from a well-meaning aunt. However, a gift basket curated with the specific recipient in mind? It is heartwarming and unique enough that the person on the receiving end is bound to be delighted.

Forbes agrees. In a piece on boosting personal connection for increased retention, they advocate developing a client-gifting program that follows Spoonful of Comfort’s corporate-gifting etiquette, which is not meant to be a sales opportunity.

Instead, corporate gifting should focus on appropriate, reasonably priced gifts that are relevant to the receiver, and always include a tasteful note mentioning the occasion.


Is It The Thought or The Gift That Counts?

You’re no doubt familiar with the expression, “It’s the thought that counts.” It is probably what your mother said when your aunt showed up to a family gathering proudly bearing a vintage jello salad. one of her favorite recipes. And in that particular instance, she was correct: auntie did her best.

However, if you’re gifting or simply giving to someone you know well—or would like to know better—it behooves you to send a gift that demonstrates you’ve put time, care, and yes, love, into its selection. For example, giving someone whose idea of cooking is opening a box of mac-and-cheese a set of stainless steel pots and pans would seem odd, and perhaps insensitive.

But if you’re an avid gardener and your new love shows up with a Bonsai tree you were admiring on your walk through a nursery, that’s a win.

Gift giving, in fact, is included as one of the five Love Languages in Gary Chapman’s bestselling book, “The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate.” (The other love languages are quality time, acts of service, words of affirmation, and physical touch.)

Because the true meaning of a gift is the sentiment behind it, the smallest gift, intentionally chosen, may be treasured for years. This is why Spoonful of Comfort has created its specialty basket options with the recipient in mind. Not only this, but they allow their customers to customize their basket’s food items. Plus, select from thoughtful add-on items as well.

Gifting Builds a Better, Connected Society

Mark Williams, a professor of cognitive neuroscience at Macquarie University in Australia, says gift giving is a fundamental building block for a better world.

“I give you a gift, and we become friends. And you give someone else a gift, and you become friends. Then I become friends with that person through you, we exchange gifts, and so on and so on. It creates a larger group we’re all connected to, and we all work together to do positive things,” he says.

In the end, our goal should be human connection when considering our gifting strategies. And that is exactly what Spoonful of Comfort stands for in their company mission. While some may be tempted to take a performative approach to gifting, lurching into materialism, thoughtful gifting takes a more intentional approach and expects nothing in return except for the hope of stronger interpersonal relationships.

Gifting Our Way to Healthier Relationships

With this mission in mind, Spoonful of Comfort offers 50+ gift baskets and packages for every occasion, including:

  • Get well soon
  • Sympathy
  • Thinking of you
  • Let’s celebrate
  • College care
  • Just because
  • Corporate

ManColdCarePackage nourish

Have a male friend with the sniffles? Spoonful of Comfort’s Man Care Cold Package will feed his stomach and sense of humor. It includes man-sized soups and “I Am Strong” socks, among other treats. Has your best friend had a horrid week at work? Send them the Less Stress Package. It includes relaxing lavender lip balm, hand lotion, eye mask, and, best of all, cookies!

You can, of course, continue to send virtual intentional gifts or messages with emojis or creative uploads that speak to and nourish the recipient’s heart. Because regardless of how technological the world has become, we all need support from others. Thoughtfulness and gift giving can only strengthen our interpersonal relationships, something Spoonful of Comfort understands in spades—and hearts.

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