Heymarket: Business Text Messaging – A more personal CRM experience

Don’t let Heymarket’s simple, functional design fool you, because the first highly professional text messaging CRM (Customer Relationship Management) app in the i-Universe packs plenty of never-before-seen, immensely useful features. One of Heymarket’s many first-evers is its ability to create templates using text, links, photos, and even the first name of your contacts. This in itself would already save you a lot of time, but Heymarket makes your job even more easier by allowing you to send the same message to multiple contacts as if it were a Bcc e-mail – meaning that each message is treated as a one-on-one conversation.

No matter how experienced you are, there will definitely come a time when you will need help from one of your colleagues or from a savant in your professional network. With Heymarket, you can add all the co-workers and professional acquaintances to your conversations you need to solve to problem at hand and deliver a peerless customer experience.

Heymarket gives your iPhone a professional identity with a secondary phone number – which is what your customers will see even if you add others to a conversation, and which ensures that your real phone number remains hidden at all times; and also that you save some precious dollars that will come in handy in other areas of your business.

In case you’re faced with an overflow of customers, and are having a hard time keeping track of the status of you conversations, you can set a reminder with a single swipe. Sharing the available dates and times on your schedule only takes a few taps, and you can also share contacts and photos – the latter of which you can annotate according to the requirements of the given situation. To provide, for instance, how-to guides for trainings or for you colleagues, you can archive and export text messages. We’ve probably saved the best for the last: there is no need for your customers to install anything, they’ll receive your messages even if they have never even heard of Heymarket.

To sum it all up, Heymarket is an easy-to-master, useful app that caters to the needs of today’s businesses and professionals eager to keep up with the customer trends set by millennials. It has all the features you need to provide immediate, hands-on support and the ever-coveted experience of co-creation for your customers. We have a tough time seeing how larger companies will make use of Heymarket’s CRM powers and handle the volume of customer inquiries, feedback, and complaints with the app; but maybe it’s aimed solely at smaller businesses and freelancers, who will surely give it a go. A number of Heymarket’s features are free: you can use lists and templates, and archive, export, and set reminders without paying a dime, while text messaging with your secondary phone number is free-of-charge for two weeks. A monthly subscription fee of $7.99 gets you limitless domestic text messaging, which is, at least in our book, a fair price. Heymarket can talk the talk, we have to wait and see whether it can talk to talk. As always, it is up to the customer to decide.

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