Home Security Maximized with These Apps

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Home security tools such as cameras and alarm systems are generally regarded as expensive methods to ensure the protection of the home. However, the introduction of mobile apps and various tools have enabled home owners to add an extra layer of security at a fraction of the traditional costs. As a result, this article discusses the best apps and tools that can be used to increase security for the home without breaking the bank.

AtHome Camera – Home security video surveillance (iOS/Android)

The development of AtHome Camera came from two commonly known truths. Firstly, many people own a spare phone that is not used as it is replaced or outdated. Secondly, dedicated security cameras are too expensive for many average households to afford. As a result, the app is one that transforms the old phone into a tool that can monitor any space as a dedicated camera would. With the old phone, users need to download the Camera app (Android) while the phone that is viewing the footage needs to have the monitoring app. Once these apps have been downloaded onto their respective devices and set up in a physical orientation where users are able to get a view of what they want to see, users are then able to use their old camera as a monitoring tool as opposed to having to purchase a more expensive dedicated camera. In being able to do so, users of AtHome Camera are able to transform old devices into cameras to increase the security in their home.

Alternatively, Alfred Home Security Camera (Beta) (iOS/Android) is a comparable app that serves many of the same functions as AtHome Camera in that it is able to convert older phones into dedicated security cameras. What differentiates Alfred Home Security Camera and AtHome Camera is that with the former, users are able to communicate through the older camera with audio while AtHome Camera does not offer the same functionality on its app.

Presence (iOS/Android)

For those who are looking for tools to better monitor any activity in their home such as doors opening or closing as well as windows, Presence is a tool that is coupled with different gadgets to help owners do so. For example, home owners are able to connect their mobile app with the devices that monitor when a window is open or when there may be a leak in the house. Given the wide scope of the functionalities that are offered by the app, Presence is one that is highly comprehensive in what it is able to offer its users. As there are additional devices that are able to monitor vibrations or motion, the app coupled with the gadgets are tools that are inexpensive yet can offer a heightened sense of security without the high costs that are often associated with such a service, making it highly recommended for those who wish to increase the security for different aspects of their home.

SkyBell HD (iOS/Android)

Coupled with the hardware component that comprises of a camera, SkyBell HD is an app that uses the camera to provide information to its users that allows them to better protect their home. For example, when someone approaches the door, the camera utilizes motion detection and Wi-Fi to send alerts to the phone at which point the users is able to view the camera. This occurs even when the person approaches the door and has not rung the doorbell or taken any action so that it is able to capture everything for the greatest degree of security. Furthermore, the SkyBell HD camera and app lets users see and talk to the visitor remotely without having to open the door or even be home. With all of these features, SkyBell HD is a recommended tool for those looking to increase the security of their home with the combination of hardware and apps.

Nest (iOS/Android)

Although Nest products are commonly associated with creating a more connected experience in the home, many of the tools offered are able to provide a greater sense of security. For example, the accompanying camera can be accessed remotely through the app while it can also be controlled such as zoomed in or spun around. Furthermore, other features of the home that can be controlled include temperature, alerts on smoke and CO2, as well as the security settings of the home. In having all of these features in a centralized location, it becomes extremely easy to control different aspects of home security in a single location which makes Nest one of the most comprehensive and trusted tools not only for creating a connected experience at home, but also for enhancing home security.

Alarm.com (iOS/Android)

Ensuring the safety of the home and everything inside can be expensive and complicated while Alarm.com aims to make it simple. With the different hardware tools that are offered through Alarm.com, users are able to control their home to the greatest possible extend that is not possible with other tools. With this, doors can be locked, lights turned off or on, and even have the garage doors controlled right from the app. In being able to do so, users can protect their home even when they are not nearby. One of the best features of Alarm.com is that even beyond these functions, the app will help to notify authorities if it detects an intrusion onto the property. With all of this, Alarm.com is a must-have tool for those looking to control all aspects of their home security from a single app.


For those who are looking for cheaper alternatives to enhance home security, the apps outlined in this article are able to significantly help. From apps that transform older phones into dedicated cameras to others that combine with different gadgets to record movement, vibrations, and water leaks, these tools are highly comprehensive in increasing home security and are recommended for those looking for a security solution without the traditional costs.

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