Houston to Host Inaugural Energy and Climate Startup Week

Houston Energy Startup

In a groundbreaking development, September 2024 will see the inaugural Houston Energy and Climate Startup Week take flight. The brainchild of Greentown Labs, Halliburton Labs, and the Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship, the intention is to scale Houston as a force in the energy sector’s innovation and growth.

Rice Alliance’s leader, Brad Burke, harbors high hopes for the event. Inviting fresh energy and climate event ideas, he perceives this as the genesis of future Energy and Climate Startup Weeks in Houston. His envisions public participation as a crucial ingredient for the event’s success.

The forward-thinking initiative endeavors to attract a global assembly of investors, business leaders, and startups. With Houston focusing on a sustainable, low-carbon energy future, synergy with organizations like the Houston Energy Transition Initiative, Renewable Energy Alliance Houston, Activate, Digital Wildcatters, and TEX-E will bolster the initiative’s effectiveness.

Jane Stricker of HETI and GHP projects Houston as an engine of change in the energy industry. Recognizing its diverse energy market and reputation as an energy hub, she anticipates Houston as a spearhead in the transition towards sustainable energy solutions.

The event will comprise of presentations, pitches, networking sessions, and more in various locales across Houston, including Rice’s Midtown innovation hub. With more details yet to be released, attendees can anticipate expert insights and the potential for fruitful partnerships.

Anticipating the event’s potential to foment significant changes, Dale Winger, the managing director of Halliburton Labs, acknowledges its capacity not only for networking but also for resource sharing and idea exchange. Industry experts share this optimism, setting eyes on the potential advances the event promises.

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