How to Downgrade to the Old (and better) Snapchat Version

For iOS Users

Before users are able to downgrade their Snapchat version, they first need to download Cydia Impactor which will allow them to install the previous version of the file. This can be found here. Once this is downloaded, users need to connect their phone and open Cydia Impactor. After that, users need to download this old version of Snapchat from a database of different versions. Once this is downloaded, open Cydia Impactor and then drag the Snapchat file onto the window that appears. This will prompt users to enter their Apple ID username and password although this is a secure process. After that process is complete, the phone will indicate that this app is from an Untrusted Developer which is not an issue. To get past this, users need to go into their settings, General, Profiles and Device Management, and then Developer App. Next, click “Trust”. After that, users need to sign into the app and then they will be able to get the old version of the app again instead of the new interface from the update.

For Android Users

Similarly to iOS users, Android users first need to uninstall the current version of Snapchat that is on their device. After that is done, download the older version of the app which can be found on this link. The correct version is which can be done from the browser. Once this version has downloaded, it needs to be dragged onto the phone and logged in at which point the old version of Snapchat will be made available.

For those who were forced to download the update as a result of automatic updates, this can be stopped by turning it off so that updates can only occur when the user agrees to have it done, otherwise apps will be able to automatically install a new update when it is released. This can be done both on iOS and Android devices through the Settings app which allow users to select the frequency and settings of the automatic updates.

Using the methods outlined in this article, users are able to revert from their current version of Snapchat to the previous one. Given that many people were forced to update their Snapchat to a version that is considered to be less intuitive and user-friendly, this article discusses the ways in which to get the original, easier version to use.

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