How to Move Data from an Android Phone to iPhone or iPad

Those who move from an Android device to an Apple one can be forgiven for feeling worried about everything that’s currently stored on their phone: music, photos, videos. How is possible to transfer all of that data from your old device to a new one when they both run off of completely different software? Luckily Android and iOS devices understand this predicament, and have made it incredibly easy to do so. Here’s how to move data from your old Android phone to your new iPhone or iPad.

Setting up your iPhone or iPad

Before you think about transferring any data, you’ll need to get past a few installation steps on your new iPhone or iPad.

  1. Hold down the power button (also lock button) on the top or side of the phone – depending on which generation iPhone you’re setting up. After a few seconds the Apple logo will appear, followed by a welcoming “Hello” message.
  2. Swipe to the right. You now have the option of which language you want your device to be in.
  3. Choose your region.
  4. You can now connect your iPhone to a wireless network. Choose the W-Fi connection you want to use from the drop down list and then enter the password.
  5. Choose whether to enable or disable location services.
  6. You’ll now be on the Apps & Data page. Tap Move Data from Android.

Moving the data from your Android device

The next stage is to actually transfer the data from your Android device, but in order to do this you need to install the Move to iOS app for free from the Google Play Store.

  1. Open the Move to iOS app.
  2. With old and new device side by side, press Continue on both.
  3. On the Android device, tap Agree followed by Next.
  4. A 12 digit code should appear on the iPhone or iPad. Type that exact code into the Android device.
  5. You’ll then be asked what data you want to transfer, such as your Google Account, Bookmarks, Messages, and Camera Roll. Select what you want to transfer and tap Next.
  6. After the data has been moved over, a select Continue Setting up iPhone or iPad, depending on which device you’re transferring it to. You can then continue to set up your new device with your old data on it.

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