How to Transfer Apple Cash to Your Bank Account?

transfer apple cash

Apple Pay is one of the most well-known mobile payment solutions in the world, with over 383 million customers. However, only people who own iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches can currently use Apple Pay. If you use iOS, Apple Pay is one of the greatest digital wallet apps to use when doing things like tracking your spending, paying friends and family directly from iMessage, and even asking Siri to make payments for you.

Also included is Apple Cash, a peer-to-peer cash transfer function that makes it simple to send money in a matter of seconds to friends and family. What is Apple Pay? Let’s cover the basics first. If you have an Apple Watch, you can pay for goods with Apple Pay using your iPhone, iPad, or other compatible Apple devices like the Apple TV. Apple Pay is Apple’s digital wallet app. Yes, this indicates that Apple Pay is solely accessible to users of Apple products.

If you don’t use Apple goods, don’t panic; you can still download and utilize many alternative digital wallet apps. We’ve analyzed the top digital wallet apps for 2021, so you don’t have to waste time looking for them yourself.

Here is how you can transfer Money to your Bank Account

Via the Messages app on any Apple device, consumers can easily send and receive money thanks to Apple Cash. It resides on the Wallet app, works similarly to a debit card, and users can load funds onto it using another debit card.

On the other hand, individuals can also move their money from their apple cash card outside the application through a bank account or another debit card. If you don’t know how to transfer your apple cash funds from the card, this article will help you.

How to Transfer Apple Cash to your bank account?

This process can easily take up to one to three business days. But overall, you can use the steps stated below to undertake this process:

  1. First of all, you have to access the information menu on your apple card:
  1. On your iPhone, launch the Wallet app, choose an Apple Cash card from there, and then press the “More” button.
  2. Now from an iPad, tap “Wallet & Apple Pay” after opening the Settings App. Click on your Apple cash card after that.
  3. Upon reaching the apple cash menu card, you should click on the transfer to bank option, type in your required amount, and tap on the next option.
  4. Click on the “1-3 Business Days” radio option. The app will then offer instructions to set up your bank account for transfers if you haven’t already.
  5. Wait for 1-3 business days after confirming the transfer with your passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID.

When transferring money through Apple Pay to a bank account, there are a few things to remember. Children under 13 cannot withdraw funds from an Apple Cash Family Plan other than through bank transfers. Teens can also transfer funds to a bank account or an approved debit card at 13.

Moreover, you can only send $10,000 in a direct transaction and up to $20,000 in seven-day intervals. Unless the amount is less than $1, there is a $1 minimum. These restrictions are reduced to $2,000 for a direct transaction and $4,000 over the course of a week when using Apple Cash Family.

How to Add Money to Apple Cash?

Let’s start by making it clear that you don’t need to maintain a balance in Apple Cash in order to send money to someone over iMessage. If you’d like, you can connect to a bank account.

You simply confirm the transaction using your bank account when sending money. Following the steps outlined above will allow you to put money into your Apple Cash account solely for use as cash when using Apple Pay.

You will click on Add Money as opposed to Transfer to Bank. Click “Next” after entering the amount you wish to add to your Apple Cash account. If you double-click the power button or enter your Touch ID, you will be prompted to confirm that transaction. Keep in mind that since you’re adding money to your account, you’ll need to get it somewhere else. So, in order to use this, your bank account must already be linked.


 Apple Pay is a diverse and flexible tool in your IOS. The unique benefits also include transferring cash to your bank account. So, the money that you have in your Apple Pay can easily be transferred into your bank account if you need it there. We hope this article helped you to understand the process of How To Transfer Apple Cash to bank.

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