In The Kitchen With Your IPad

Here are five apps to help make you more skilled in the kitchen. After all, everyone’s gotta eat.

Big Oven (iOS, Android)

With Big Oven you no longer need shelves full of recipe books because every recipe you could ever need is now in your phone. There are a number of ways that you can search for recipes, including an extremely handy feature designed for using up leftovers or when you’re faced with an empty fridge and no time to go shopping. Big Over also acts as a social platform, allowing you to search recipes with friends. If all that wasn’t enough, you can use the app to plan a weekly menu and compose grocery lists.

An all-around incredibly useful app to plan your cooking life.

Nose to Tail (iOS, Android)

Nose to Tail is an app for those looking to take their cooking skills to the next level. This is an app that will teach you about different cuts of meat, ranging from beef to chicken. The app includes illustrations showing where on the animal each cut can be found, as well as what the cut should look like. There are also preparation guides, price guides and nutritional information.

It’s like having a pile of dead animal carcasses right in front of you!

Food Network in the Kitchen (iOS, Android)

The Food Network apps brings all of your favourite TV chefs to your very kitchen. Whether you’re hunting for a recipe you saw on TV or are just looking for inspiration for a dinner party this app is perfect for you. You can easily search through recipes, save them to your phone and even add notes and share them with friends. The app also includes videos tutorials from a number of Food Network chefs.

FoodSwitch (iOS, Android)

Eating healthy can feel like a struggle sometimes, especially when buying packaged food. FoodSwitch is designed to make sure you know exactly what is in your food and even provide you with healthier alternatives. Simply scan the barcode when picking up food in the supermarket and the app with give you an easy to read run down on the nutritional value, it will also show you healthier alternatives.

Kitchen Stories (iOS, Android)

Kitchen Stories is a recipe app that will truly inspire you to run into the kitchen and start cooking. This is a beautifully designed app that shows you a range of recipes in the form of pictures, you will scroll through pages of recipes wanting to sample every dish. Cooking instructions are provided in a clear and easy to follow way that even the least confident of cooks can follow.

The app also contains a range of video recipes for those with a shorter attention span.

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