iPhone 5 to rock on with some brand new components, says All Things D

How do you support your mobile lifestyle? For Apple, it involves about $1.15 billion in component prepayments to support the new iPhone and perhaps an iPad Mini and some other new goodies, according to a report from All Things D.

And while Apple historically has been known to think different, any company with a stock price hovering around $600 per share understands (with a nod to the band Cake) that excess ain’t rebellion. They plan to sell a lot of these things.

The All Things D report also confirmed an earlier scoop by iMore that Apple is indeed planning an event in San Francisco on or around September 12. As well, the report cites Apple’s latest 10-Q filing and a Wells Fargo analysis to estimate that Apple’s prepayments last quarter represented more than 12.5 percent of total sales. This is the highest percentage of sales in nearly four years, when the iPhone 3 and App Store debuted.

We are obviously drinking what they’re selling – and liking it.

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