iPhone and Android apps to rise above Iceland’s travel-halting volcanic ash

With ash from an active Icelandic volcano grounding flights in Great Britain and across the world, many travel plans have been thwarted these past few days

Thanks to our smart phones, we now have a way to manage tasks and entertain ourselves through any delay.

Here are some iPhone and Android apps to help you maintain your livelihood and your sanity, whether you’re stuck at an airport or looking for an escape of any sort.

Getting out of Dodge

Sword of Fargoal should be an attractive game.  The $3.99 iPhone game is your typical dungeon-crawler, offering randomly generated levels for unpredictable game play. Perfect for those hours spent sitting around at the airport.

As Android games have yet to reach the caliber of iPhone entertainment, the pickings are slim. Robo Defense’s tower defense game combines a bit of strategy and adventure for a game that appeals to several methods of avoiding boredom. At $2.99, the Android game also packs more fun for the price than its iPhone counterparts.

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