iPhone App Video Review: Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous

As with the last game, your main goal is survival. Think of it like Geometry Wars with no shooting. Instead, you have to move around the map, dodging red dot enemies and picking up various explosive or protection granting power-ups. Power-ups range from explosions to other, similar one use attacks, a big green goop that protects you and absorbs all enemies, a very funny brilliant disguise that lets you freely move around red dots, and even weapons that your little arrow guy carries around for a while, such as a double bladed light saber, or a massive laser mace.

There are tons of weapons and power-ups to unlock as you complete missions and level up across both difficulty modes. The classic mode is already pretty challenging, but if you really want to hate yourself, you can also try Code Red. Boss Battles and similar events are sprinkled throughout the game. There’s quite a variety of them too, each unique and challenging in their own way. All the classic elements of Tilt to Live have been revamped, including the scoring system, with just as much emphasis as ever, if not more, on climbing leaderboards and unlocking achievements.

The new engine allows for some really cool visual effects, such as red dot enemies melding into each other when they cross paths. All in all, the colors and effects are really vibrant and pleasing to the eye. The soundtrack is awesome too. As expected, the tilt controls are solid, and you can easily calibrate your device to work from any position with the custom control setting. This is the sequel we’ve all been waiting for, and it’s available for three dollars at the time of this review.

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