iPhone apps to get your Copenhagen on, no matter where in the world you are

With world leaders currently converging on Copenhagen and global warming debates in full swing, we have some suggested iPhone apps to help keep you up on the latest environmental news and help you on your way to becoming an amateur environmentalist.

Vote Earth

The free Vote Earth iPhone app gives everyone with an iPhone a chance to voice their vote for earth to the leaders at the United Nations Climate Summit in Copenhagen. Cast your vote and watch it travel to Copenhagen with votes from all over the world. This app is essentially useless after you vote, but at least I feel somewhat involved in the process.

Green News Reader

Find all the latest environmental headlines from the top green news sources right in one handy app. The Green News Reader iPhone app (99 cents) brings you the news, including updates about the U.N. Climate Summit from Sierra Club, Greenpeace, MSNBC Environment, National Geographic and more. Check out National Geographic’s great article on small steps you can take to combat climate change in your own home.

Green Energy Now

This free iPhone app is a place for green lovers to unite and share their knowledge. The Green Energy Now iPhone app offers a trivia challenge, facts, ideas, news and resources. The key is to share your resources with the iPhone app’s makers to create a stronger app.  So if you are a green team player, this iPhone app is for you.


If you enjoy getting involved and actually making a difference, try out the free EcoSnoop iPhone app. This iPhone app puts the user in the driver’s seat by offering you a chance to report eco-offenders. Simply take a photo of the offending behavior with your iPhone and submit it―wipe hands, job done, earth saved. The iPhone app also offers green news briefs.

Gorgeously Green Survival Guide

Keeping up with green initiatives can be difficult for the multi-tasking girl on the go. The Gorgeously Green Survival Guide iPhone app (99 cents) offers quick tips for beauty, home, shopping, diet and more. I use it for the list of ingredients to avoid when buying beauty items. There is nothing worse than trying to decode the words on the side of a moisturizer bottle. If it’s not good for your face, it can’t be good for the earth.

Go Green Officemate

Once you green your home, next up is your office. The Go Green Officemate iPhone app (99 cents) is a little superficial, offering simply a calculator, a note pad and a green ribbon flashlight for emergencies. Yet, it is a step in the right direction and maybe easier than getting your stubborn colleagues to use recycled toilet paper.

Greenpeace Tissue Guide

On that note, did you know that Americans could save more than 400,000 trees if each family replaced just one roll of virgin toilet paper in their home with a roll of recycled toilet paper? Check out the free Greenpeace Tissue Guide iPhone app to find the toilet paper, facial tissue, paper towel and napkins that will have the least effect on climate change. I don’t know if I’ll give up my ultra plush Quilted Northern just yet, but I’ll think about it thanks to this iPhone app.

National Geographic’s Plan It Green

And after all that hard work saving the earth, we deserve a little fun.  National Geographic’s Plan It Green iPhone app ($3.99) declares you the mayor of Greenville and it’s now your job to restore the city to its former beauty — the sustainable way of course!

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