iPhone game review: Acrosplat

The app itself is compatible with the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod touch hardware systems, and it needs the 9.1 version of the iOS in order to function properly. Though many of the gravity principles are the same, the developers of this exciting puzzle game have also added plenty of new mechanics in order to keep the game’s core ideas fresh. In addition to the new mechanics, the game also features over 100 levels in order to keep player entertained and invested. The levels follow a natural progression of difficulty, and the stages themselves feature all types of logical reasoning puzzles, color matching puzzles and even timing puzzles.

The game options available add even further variety to the rich levels. Players can begin the game by clicking on the Story mode selection to begin the main gameplay. Through the charming story, the player is taken through a number of locations, like gardens and homes on their quest to become part of the circus. The primary aim of the levels in AcroSplat is to have the player get all of the paint blobs into their appropriate paint cans. Depending on the style of the level, this can be performed in any number of different ways, and many players are encouraged to think outside the box when it comes to solving the level’s puzzle. Each level has three stars that can be collected, and there are numerous obstacles to overcome on the quest to complete each level.

Though there is a great deal of physics action based on Angry Birds, the game also combines other classic Flash games in order to create an interesting platform for players to enjoy. As the blobs are shot from platform to platform, players are encouraged to use the environment to achieve their goals and optimize their gains. Though the premise seems simple enough, the game is more difficult than it appears, and players may need to get even more creative to mix up their hues and solve their puzzles even more quickly. The idea becomes simpler as players get used to the gameplay, though many may have complaints about the system in terms of play variety.[sc name=”quote” text=”AcroSplat stays addictive, no matter how long you have been playing”]

Some players have said that while there are many innovative aspects to the gameplay, some of the levels still feel constrictive in terms of viable paths. Many would like to see even more variety in the mechanics, though ultimately the experience depends on each individual player. For those with a creative streak, the game features numerous tools to keep the game exciting, such as options to create your own levels and then share them online to challenge other players.

The game has been praised for its easy-to-understand controls, and the straightforward levels make sure that AcroSplat stays addictive, no matter how long you have been playing. The art direction and gameplay is delightful, and the exuberant soundtrack is meant to dazzle. Give the game a try today, as it is available at an affordable price, and players can take a look at some single-app purchases that can make the game even more fun. With so many different ways to keep you hooked, this is definitely a game worth trying if you are a fan of classic physics and creative level-building elements.

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