iStatistica, a system monitor app for iOS

iStatistica comes in to play here. It’s a small software with a great task: to control all the hardware on your iPhone or iPad and bring details of what is going on inside. It comes with Notification Center widget. With a glance you’ll see Memory, Processor, and Storage status using the circular graphics, battery status including total percentage of the remaining charge, current and maximum capacity, remaining time for making calls, browsing Internet over cell network or Wi-Fi. All this information is available within literally a finger swipe.

Widget can be customized, so you can hide all unnecessary information. Notification center has a very limited space you might not want to waste. It’s great that you can tweak iStatistica widget to display only required information.

There’s also a quick look at the internet connection which displays IP-addresses and total data – both uploaded and downloaded as well as speed for each. Nice to have something that can tell what is the speed of file upload using Safari or what time will you need to download heavy app from the App Store. You can also tap external or gateway address to open it in your web browser. Very handy when it comes to changing settings of your router or just want to see if your current network is reachable from outside.

iStatistica supports two modes: Basic and Expert. Basic mode is free and will be enough for most users. Expert adds detailed information about memory usage, traffic information, battery capacity and costs $0.99. You can change the look of the app by turning on Night Theme. It looks quite similar to iOS’ 10 beta Clock application. iStatistica seems to be ready for the rumored iOS 10 black mode.

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