K-pop star Jeon So-mi debuts makeup line

"Star Makeup"

South Korean pop artist, Jeon So-mi, is now venturing into the beauty industry after gaining mass popularity through her musical journey starting in 2019. First known for her significant win in the talent competition “Produce 101”, So-mi plans to extend her dynamic and expressive style into the beauty market.

Birthed from her entrepreneurial spirit and multifaceted personality, So-mi’s new makeup line GLYF, set to launch this April, marks her transition from music to makeup. With a keen focus on individuality and self-expression, GLYF offers a range of cruelty-free products for all skin types and tones. The line incudes everything from vibrant eyeshadow palettes to premium foundations, and unique lip shades.

At just 23, So-mi’s passion for cosmetics has led her to turn her flair into a professional venture. However, GLYF isn’t just another makeup line. It showcases a brand that practices values of inclusivity, sassy creativity, and compassion towards our furry friends. From research and development to packaging design and setting up the official brand website, everything has been astutely managed by Jeon and her team.

The first product to launch from GLYF is a highlighter palette.

Jeon So-mi’s transition to beauty industry

Jeon believes that highlighting can inspire joy and creativity. This palette goes beyond giving a simple glow. It offers a blend of varying tones that consumers can mix and match to serve their mood or desired look. This way, the palette encourages users to get creative with their daily aesthetics.

The debut product is priced at 43,000 won ($31.90), stirring up mixed reactions online. While some fans argue the price reflects the brand’s uniqueness and quality, others believe it to be somewhat steep. The difference in opinions, however, doesn’t shadow the excitement and anticipation surrounding Jeon So-mi’s GLYF’s launch, with several potential buyers expressing their support.

And so, despite the debate, the release of Jeon So-mi’s GLYF is eagerly awaited. The verdict on its market acceptance and success, of course, will only be apparent once it hits the shelves.

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