Landed: Arrivals made easy – A new arrival app by Triposo

Blindly landing in a new destination can be difficult. Often travelers forget to look up the best way to get to the city center or don’t have enough time to do research about the airport before arriving. Despite the struggle, the routine always tends to be the same. Travelers arrive in a new city and they need to find a local SIM card, look up some local phrases, check the weather, convert currency and most importantly, get to the city center.

That’s where Landed fits in. Landed is an app designed with convenience in mind. When a traveler lands in a new destination, all they need to do is launch the app to get all the arrival information they need. The app shows travelers how to get to the city center, displays currency conversion rates, offers tips on where to purchase a SIM card, shows up-to-date weather information, suggests local phrases and even provides last-minute hotel deals in all major cities. It is free, most features work offline and it works anywhere in the world.


To create Landed, Triposo used clever algorithms to match airports to cities. They crawled through open source data and parsed information to find the best SIM card providers, currency conversion rates, weather forecast, local phrases, hotel deals and more. The idea is that travelers can land anywhere in the world and have the most relevant information to address all their arrival concerns.

Triposo is the Amsterdam and Berlin based startup behind Landed and is known for its popular travel guides apps with over 10 million downloads to date. Triposo was founded back in 2011 by ex-Googlers Douwe Osinga, Jon Tirsen and diplomat-turned-entrepreneur, Richard Osinga. Today, Triposo is kicking travel up a notch with their latest round of funding and a new series of innovate travel apps designed to enhance in-destination travel experiences

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