Tips for Saving Money on a Long-Distance Move

Making a long-distance move is often expensive. The first thing you should do when planning one is to make a checklist and solicit quotes.

Moving can be expensive, especially when you’re moving out of state or halfway across the country. Since it’s unrealistic to rent a truck and move across state lines, the easiest thing you can do is hire a moving company. This means paying an hourly or flat fee to get all your belongings to a new destination. Luckily, even though you have to hire professionals to get all of your furniture from one place to another, you don’t need to take out a loan or break the bank. Here are a few ways to make a long-distance move cheaper.

Make a checklist.

The first thing you should do when planning a long-distance move is to make a checklist.

Your checklist will serve as a guide for all the things you have to do before the big day. However, it can also give you a good place to write down quotes to help you compare prices you’ll have to deal with throughout the process.

To make your checklist, write a list of all the things you have to do before the move, including getting packing supplies, packing, hiring a moving company, and finding a babysitter for children and pets. You may notice that all of these things typically cost money. Therefore, leave yourself a spot next to each category where you can write down how much each will cost.

Plan logistics.

You can move by renting a U-Haul to save money. However, no one wants to drive one of those trucks across state lines. This is especially true if you don’t know the area well and are worried you’ll get lost.

You can also sell all of your furniture to make it easier for you to move. If you buy new furniture once you’ve settled in or have it shipped to your new house on the day of the move, you don’t have to worry about moving heavy objects. Of course, depending on your budget, that might not be realistic, either.

In most cases, your best option will be to hire professional movers. They can get all of your heavy furniture to your new home safely and easily.

Of course, if you’re unsure which of these options is the cheapest, you can do a little research online and call companies for quotes. Once you know how much each option will cost you, you can compare what you get for the price. You can then determine which is best for you.

Consider your moving date.

Peak moving season is typically May through August when it’s warm out and children are out of school. The more people that are moving, the higher moving rates will be, so try to move during off-peak times throughout the year.

Of course, you definitely don’t want to move mid-winter. However, you could if you wanted to save on professional moving costs. Moving during the winter may allow you to receive a significant discount. Most moving companies will be slow during those seasons. This allows you to get all of your stuff moved at a discounted rate without worrying about carrying anything yourself.

Purge what you don’t need.

Before you start packing up everything, consider getting rid of items you don’t use anymore, like old furniture in storage or clothes you haven’t worn for years.

Getting rid of items before you move can reduce your costs. It means professional movers won’t need to carry as much. Additionally, it will take less time to pack up and unpack. Since moving companies typically charge per hour, the fewer time movers spend packing your items into the truck, the more you can save on the total cost of the move.

Consider selling items that are still in good condition. You can have a garage sale to try to earn extra money to use for the move or donate items for a tax deduction that can help you save on yearly taxes.

Find free materials.

Moving supplies aren’t the most expensive part of the move, but if you’re buying boxes, you may be spending money unnecessarily.

Instead, look for free moving supplies wherever you can. Instead of shopping for boxes at your home improvement store, consider asking family and friends for any boxes they may have lying around. You can also visit local businesses and ask for their boxes, which many will be happy to give you because it means they don’t have to walk to the recycling bin.

You should always use the materials you currently have. For example, there may be no reason to buy bubble wrap to keep your valuables safe. Instead, you can use old T-shirts, blankets, and even newspapers.

If you’re packing clothes but want to save money on boxes, you can opt for the cheaper alternative of trash bags. These are more cost-effective and allow you to pack more clothing.

Pack yourself.

Many moving companies offer services where they’ll pack your stuff up, but those services will cost you.

You can save money by packing your stuff up yourself and getting rid of items you don’t need. No one enjoys packing, but you can get through the process easier by making a plan for what you’ll pack and when.

As long as you’re realistic and can stick to your schedule, packing can be less stressful and more organized. This makes it easier for you to unpack once you’ve made it to your new home.

Consider your car.

When making a long-distance move to a new state, you might wonder about the different ways to get your car there.

Of course, if you’re hiring professional movers, you can move your car by driving it yourself. You may also choose to have your car shipped across the country. However, that can cost you anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. It all depends on the value of your vehicle.

Compare quotes.

Always compare quotes from moving companies before you sign a contract for a long-distance move.

Depending on how far away you’re moving, the weight of the items that need to be moved, and any additional add-on services, you may be able to find a cheaper moving service by calling around.

Movers will quote you at different prices, but never choose the cheapest one just because they can save you money. Movers will be moving your expensive belongings. As a result, look for reviews of their services online to help you choose the one you can trust.

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