Manage your medications with CVS Caremark iPhone app

Filling prescriptions on my iPhone is a convenience I often use, so CVS Caremark customers should be pleased that they can now take advantage of this convenience, too, with the free CVS Caremark app for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Through the CVS Caremark, customers can refill prescriptions and access their medication histories. Users can also create new prescription requests with the app, as well as find nearby Caremark pharmacies. I love that the company opted to include drug costs in-app, which can cut out a lot of back and forth between your doctor and pharmacy if a prescribed drug is out of your price range.

The app also includes a searchable drug information guide, which includes dosage instructions, side effects and precautionary information. Although it’s nice to be able to check information, the drug guide is not entirely comprehensive—some drugs don’t have any information available.

It should be noted that while CVS Caremark is affiliated with CVS Pharmacies, the two are separate entities. CVS customers who have online accounts but are not Caremark customers will not be able to login to the CVS Caremark app. Registration for access to CVS Caremark’s full features requires a Caremark participant ID.

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