Master the English language on your iDevice with PhraseWit

Properly turning a phrase doesn’t come naturally to all people, and if you’re someone who struggles with English grammar and fundamentals, misusing common phrases can exacerbate your frustrations. PhraseWit, the universal app for iDevice, can give your language skills a boost in explaining the correct usage of common English phrases — and show users when they’re used incorrectly.

Whether you’re going “through the ringer” or “reeking havoc,” PhraseWit’s home screen features a spinning wheel that pops up commonly misused or misspoken phrases. Tap one, and you’ll see a complete description of what the phrase actually means and the version it is most often confused with. You’ll also be able to see the phrase used correctly in a sentence as well as an example of misuse pulled from the Internet.

To test your expert skills, you can play the PhraseWit game, a multiple-choice test. Once you’ve gotten a phrase right, you can refer back to its definition and description via the “Master It” tab. A master list of all of PhraseWit’s phrases can be found in its own tab, too. These are sorted alphabetically in both their correct and incorrect formats so you can quickly get to a specific saying you’re struggling with.

Because I work with words professionally, I didn’t get much of an education from PhraseWit, but I can definitely see the app being useful for non-native English speakers as well as those who simply want to brush up on language basics.

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