Miller Lite’s Beer Time! is effectively obnoxious

Most who have spent any time in a bar have suffered through the experience of not being able to get the bartender’s attention. You stand there helplessly with your hand raised as you try to buy the next round of beers, but to no avail.  Miller Lite has come up with a somewhat creative remedy to this situation with the release of Beer Time!, a free app that promises to help you avoid any more 20-minute waits at the bar.

After you enter your birthday to prove you are of age, you select how you want your Miller Lite served (cans, bottles or on draft). Then you select how many beers you want (from one to eight) and the app begins flashing the number you picked and a picture of how you want the beers served. This process is quick and easy and the screen is surprisingly visible from a good distance.

Beer Time! strikes me as a pretty good idea, though the one bartender I talked to about the app described it as obnoxious and then insisted he would ignore anyone flashing their iPhone at him. Then again, being obnoxious at a bar is hardly the worst thing you can do. I can’t imagine this is any worse than waving your arms and screaming  “Hey, barkeep,” at the top of your lungs.

While I understand why Miller would not include beers from rival companies, I am a bit perplexed as to why they did not include other Miller beers. Fans of High Life and MGD will have to find a more traditional way of getting their bartender’s attention.

But Beer Time! is free. At the very least, it is worth a shot.

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