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Everyone knows that the process of turning your photos into gifs is far too complicated. It requires an understanding of how best to layer and time your photo transitions, make them sync up and flow right, as well as make them just look natural.

The reason for doing this is, of course, those sweet, sweet social media points. No one wants to look at a boring ol’ album of pictures, they want to see them move around glamorously, shimmering with light as if to say “this is my life and I matter, take heed, peasant!”[sc name=”quote” text=” shimmering with light as if to say: this is my life and I matter, take heed, peasant!”]

With MoShow, making gifs is no longer a complicated process. When you have that perfect selection of photos to make a great gif to share to reddit, all’s you need to do is click on them.

For any simple, functional app that aims to complete one process, the UI is incredibly important. This is certainly the case with MoShow; the design is minimalistic and useful, only really displaying what you need.

On app start, you straight away are asked to “make a MoShow” and select your photos. Just below that option are some featured styles to change the transitional qualities of your soon-to-be-made gif.

Once that singular button is pressed, you can select from your photo album any photos you want to include. Whether this be your last beach vacation or your recent collection of antique trains you photographed (because you’re just so damn quirky), it doesn’t matter. Select the photos you want and off you go.

Straight away it adds your photos to the gif reel, showing you what it would look like with the basic “Slides” design. From there you can choose from the other dozens of available designs, including some few that are paid features.

The inclusion of paid features is always inevitable – the app creators need to eat too! – but in MoShow it is as unobtrusive as possible. The default option is just to use the basic several dozen designs, with the VIP, more elaborate designs are clickable in another tab. This means that you never have to pay if you don’t want to.

From there, you just need to hit save. As long as you’ve picked a style you like, that’s all you need to do. It will save the pictures together into one illustrious gif that combines everything with neat little segue and cuts.[sc name=”quote” text=”It will save the pictures together into one illustrious gif that combines everything with neat little segue and cuts.”]

Not only does MoShow allow you to easily make the gifs, it also makes it insanely easy to share to social media. The sharable links are provided as soon as the gif is ready, meaning you can super easily put your 2017 Beach Resort highlights up on reddit without even having to change apps.

MoShow is an app that accomplishes one function – making images easy to convert to shareable gifs – but it accomplishes that function incredibly well. It is efficient and easy to use, allowing complete control of how you want your gif made and shared.

It’s honestly a surprise this app isn’t a default feature on most phones.

[review pros=”Simple and clean ascetic. Super easy to post gifs to social media.” cons=”Why isn’t this a default feature on iPhones?” score=10]

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