Most Disliked YouTube Video

most disliked youtube video

YouTube is a platform that is accessed by billions of people every day. According to an estimate, there are 1000,000,000 hours of footage available on the platform. People spend hours binging their favorite creators on the platform or listening to music etc.  However, not every video is liked by the audience. Have you ever thought about the most disliked YouTube video?

Most Disliked YouTube Video 

In the list of most disliked videos, YouTube rewind 2018 gets first place. The 2018 YouTube rewind video has around 19 million dislikes. The video was breaking world records for the most disliked videos on YouTube. Therefore, the creators disabled the dislike button on the video on YouTube.

Why Did People Dislike the 2018 YouTube Rewind?

YouTube rewind is made by YouTube itself where the company features the most viral videos of that year in a compilation featuring the creators. However, the 2018 version went wrong when people thought that it was a cringe-worthy attempt at the YouTube rewind.

The main reason why people disliked YouTube 2018 rewind was that the company was out of touch with its own audience. The content that they published was filled with clickbait artists that are not the real face of YouTube. On top of this, People complained that the YouTube 2018 rewind was only for the purpose of commercialization. It did not feature the raw talent of YouTube that everyone likes to watch.

Similarly, some people complained that the YouTube rewind 2018 did not feature the most famous and subscribed channels on the platform such as Pewdiepie. Therefore, the people who subscribed to these channels were furious and showed their resentment in the comments. Moving on, Forbes mentioned that YouTube featured only a small cast of creators in the 2018 YouTube rewind. They did not include the cream of the YouTube community that entertained people in 2018 and shaped the year for YouTube. On top of this, another critique that a lot of people mentioned was that the video had too many references to the video game Fortnite. People speculated that Fortnite had sponsored the video. Therefore, the limelight that the creators of YouTube used to advertise Fortnite made the video come off as cringe.

Second Most Disliked 

The second video that is the most disliked on YouTube is a song by Pinkfong known as “baby shark” with 14 million dislikes. However, the dislikes on the video pale in comparison to the 29 million likes that it has on the platform. The song is guaranteed to get stuck in your head and you will be humming it all day with your child. Therefore, there is no solid reason as to why the video has so many dislikes. But we cannot shy away from the fact that baby shark has kept many kids occupied for hours on end. However, one can say that these dislikes may be from the parents who had a raging headache after the kids played the song on the loop for hours.

Third Most Disliked 

Last but not least is the third YouTube video which is a trailer of the film “Sadak 2” by fox star Hindi. The video has around 13 million dislikes. According to various sources, the outrage for the video stemmed from the fact that the cost of the film had grains of nepotism. Therefore, people were angry over the fact that Bollywood gives more leverage to nepotism than talent. It has cost the industry. In recent years, most production houses have faced many allegations that their preference for casting “star kids” has ruined the legacy of Bollywood. And has shattered the dreams of many hardworking aspiring actors.

To Sum It All Up 

YouTube is an amazing platform that has provided people with marvelous opportunities in their life. However, one cannot deny the fact that over the years the platform has faced a lot of controversies regarding the creators. Apart from controversies, many moments in history exist where some videos have broken records of the most disliked.

For example, the YouTube rewind video from 2018 is the most disliked video on the YouTube platform which is quite ironic. Moving on, the second-most disliked video is a kid’s song “baby shark”. And lastly, the third most disliked YouTube video is a Bollywood film trailer “Sadak 2”. These dislikes often unveil the reality of many creators and agencies.

When people come in support of or against something, it forces companies to hide the like-dislike ratio on the platform which speaks for itself.

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