Must Have Apps for Commuters

No one looks forward to their daily commute, but the good news is that your phone is here to help with some brilliant apps designed to make everything from catching your train to entertaining yourself so much easier.

Below are five must-have apps for commuters:

Citymapper (iOS, Android)

Citymapper is a popular alternative to Google maps for those commuting on public transport and for a very good reason as Citymapper will work out the quickest way to complete your joinery complying data from a local train, bus companies plus other modes of transport in your local area. Citymapper combines everything you need into one map, with line statuses and real-time disruption alerts, meaning that if your train is cancelled at the last minute you will know straight away. Another extremely useful feature is Uber integration making it easier than ever to order an Uber on those days that you just need to get home.

Moovit (iOS, Android)

Moovit is your personal assistant when it comes to navigating your way around on public transport, simply put in your starting destination and where you need to go and all of the rest is done for you, giving you the quickest and cheapest route. A nice feature about Moovit is that every mode of transport is considered including bike shares and taxis, giving you peace of mind that there definitely isn’t an easier way to complete your journey that has been ignored. Moovit will guide you every step of your journey even giving you a warning when your stop is approaching so that you can sit back and relax without the stress of missing your stop.

Zip – Zap (iOS, Android)

Zip-Zap is a fun, quick and addictive game perfect for making your commute fly by. Each level contains a new puzzle that will test your patience and mechanical skills, the only rules are touch to zip and release to zap making it super quick to get the hang of even when standing crammed onto a train. As you progress through each level you will encounter new challenges that you will find yourself immersed in as your train rushes to your final stop. Zip-Zap is perfect for commuters as it is quick to get into and provides just the right level of challenge that you can solve a puzzle in just one train journey but still find yourself lost in each puzzle.

National Rail (iOS, Android)

For those commuting on trains in the UK the National Rail app is a must have, giving you up-to-date departure times and helping you to plan the most efficient route. The app has even been known to show train delays before the boards at the station, allowing you to adapt your journey quickly and easily. It is also a useful app when planning your journey ahead of time, as you can set your departure date in the future and check out the different routes available, you can even buy your ticket so there’s one less thing to think about at the station. There is also a section for those traveling in London showing you the current statues of each Tube line, so that you can plan your journey accordingly and not find yourself wasting valuable time that could be spent at home.

Quartz (iOS, Android)

Quartz is a news app designed especially with commuters in mind, with each report only taking a few minutes to read or watch perfect for when you’re standing on a train or even when waiting in a line. News reports are presented to you in ways that are quick to absorb including photos, GIFs and even 3D objects that you can view using augmented reality. Easily customize your news experience so that you are only shown the topics that interest you and set up notifications for top stories so that you never miss an update.

Photo by from Pexels

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