Must Have Apps for Movie Buffs

Popcorn Trivia

Are you a true movie lover? Do you pride yourself on knowing everything there is to know about this year’s Oscar-nominated films? If so then you can put your knowledge to the test with Popcorn Trivia, with options to play alone or competing against friends. There are a number of different categories you can choose from and new movies are added weekly, meaning you can even test yourself on the latest hits. As you answer questions you earn points that you can then use on lifelines to help you answer the tougher questions.

A nice feature of Popcorn Trivia is the ranking system used within the app, depending on how good your knowledge is you can work your way up the ranks from lowly cleaning crew to powerful studio head. This ranking system makes it even more fun to play and compete with friends, to see who has the highest rank.

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Movies by Flixster

Movies by Flixster is the perfect app for anyone heading to the cinema but aren’t quite sure what they want to watch, or even for movie lovers who like to keep informed about the latest blockbusters. Using the app you can quickly see the movies being shown in your local cinema, watch trailers and even read reviews. Once you’ve decided what you want to watch you can easily book your tickets right from within the app, watching a movie has never been easier.

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There is nothing more annoying than sitting in a cinema mid-film and needing the toilet; you don’t want to miss a major moment in the film but you can’t fully enjoy it either. With Runpee you no longer have to worry, with a database of thousands of movies, the app can tell you when the perfect time to make a dash for the toilet is without missing any of the important scenes in the film.

To make it even easier you can tell Runpee the film that you’re watching and when it starts and it will alert you with a discreet vibration when its ‘peetime’, meaning you don’t have to worry about checking your phone and can just sit back and enjoy the film.

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IMDb Movies & TV

This app will inform you of every popular aspect of any TV show or movie, including actors, plot summaries and tons of different types of info that will allow you to eliminate wasting time watching stupid movies or TV shows.

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Solyaris bears/bares some resemblance to IMDB, providing users with access to an open movie database and discover new movies and TV shows. You can easily search and discover shows and read reviews and plot summaries. The different with Solyaris, however, is its focus on exploring the connections between films and casts.

Information about casts are displayed in a mind map style format making it easy to see connections between cast members and films. With even just half an hour on Solyaris it is amazing how much you can learn and how quickly the app can become addictive.

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My Movies Pro

My Movies Pro is a way to organize your movies, allows you to keep a record of your movies, either those that you own or movies you’ve watched. Think Goodreads but for movie lovers. It is easy to create movie shelves and to add movies you own, simply by scanning the DVD box, or for movies you don’t own you can use the search feature to find the movie you want to add. You can even use the app to find out about upcoming movies and watch trailers and check out cast lists.

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Instantly stream high quality video straight to your iPad with the Netflix app. View all the latest movies and update your mail queue. Search through the site by genre or find the specific title you are looking for. Streaming is instant and well worth the subscription.

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Fandango Movies – Times + Tickets

Fandango makes it easy to find movies playing in local theaters. It also allows you to search through movies opening this week, top box office hits and titles coming soon. You can watch trailers, see showtimes, read fan ratings and reviews, run times and director/cast lists. The best part? You can purchase tickets without leaving the app.

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Do you buy or rent movies through iTunes? If you turn on home sharing on your computer that has the movies you can use the Remote app to control your iTunes shows via your iPad. You can also access your entire music library the through this app. This works well if you have your computer connected to external screen.

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