Must-Have Apps to Learn French on the Go

Learn to Speak French With MosaLingua

MosaLingua’s teaching method was designed by a French professor who successfullly implemented it into his practice.
It helps me memorize loads of vocabulary, key phrases and conjugations by learning up to 10 minutes a day.
2500+ flash cards, 14 categories, tons of dialogues, lessons and bonus materials. Works 100% offline.


Learn French Audio FlashCards

4,400 French flashcards with native speaker audio. The app comes with flashcard review and exercises to aid memorization, learning-list testing technique ensures word retention. Words are organized into approximately 100 WordFiles with each WordFile containing up to 100 words.


Learn to Speak French with Vocabulary and Grammar

busuu, the leading online community for language learning with over 25,000,000 users. It brings you the perfect app to learn French on the go. The only language learning app in the world which includes direct interaction with native speakers.


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