Navigate London in Style with These Five Apps

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Is London calling? Here are the best apps to explore the famous city in style!

Navigating your way around big cities can feel like a daunting task at times, especially in a city like London where you’re faced with a number of different options and finding the quickest route is not always an easy task. Luckily there are a number of apps that will make finding your way around London to discover all of its hidden gems easier than ever before.

Below are five apps to help you find your way around London:

Trainline: Train & Coach App (iOS, Android)

The Trainline app makes it easier than ever to plan your train and coach trips when traveling outside of central London. All you have to do is put in your starting location and the station that you’re traveling to and select the dates you will be traveling on and Trainline does all of the hard work for you, giving you different options the fastest route, the cheapest route and the route with the fewest train changes. Once you’ve picked your trains you can then book tickets from within the app, allowing you to keep all of your train tickets in one safe location.

Tube Map (iOS, Android)

Tube Map is a must have for anyone planning on using the London Underground when traveling around London, even for locals. Of course, the app’s number one function is to provide users with a convenient tube map that they can carry with them at all times but where the app really shines is the real time route planner and live departures. With live departures, you can easily see when the next tube will depart meaning no more rushing through the station just to find that you have to stand and wait. The route planner is perfect for finding the quickest routes between two stations and saves you the hassle of having to work out how to navigate what at times can feel like a confusing mess of intersecting lines.


London Live Bus Countdown (iOS, Android)

Long Live Bus Countdown is an app that lives in the pocket of every Londoner who uses the bus network and for a very good reason, it takes all the unpredictability out of catching a bus. Live Bus Countdown shows you all of the bus stops in your surrounding area you can then see all of the buses that leave from each station and their estimated arrival time. You can even track your bus throughout your journey so you know your estimated time of arrival, perfect when planning onward travel. There’s even an option to report your bus driver, which hopefully you won’t find yourself using too often but still a super handy tool to have on hand.


National Rail (iOS, Android)

The National Rail app will quickly become your best friend if you’re planning on uses trains to get in and out of central London. Not only can you tell National Rail the two stations you are traveling between and be shown all of the possible routes to complete your journey but it also provides you with live updates including the platform that your train will depart from and real-time delays and cancellations. The app also featured some handy extras that are designed to make your journey even easier including a live line update for the Underground and information for traveling with a bike on trains.


Visit London (iOS, Android)

Visit London is a must have app for tourists while in London not only helping you to navigate your way around the city but also helping you to find all of the must see locations and events while you’re in the city. Using the near you tool you can easily see the best places to eat and any attractions that you might not have known were hiding around the corner. Insider guides give you an insight into the best places to visit and eat according to locals. Visit London also comes with bus, tube and sightseeing maps so you can easily find your way around and feel like a local in no time.



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