New iPhone apps: Apple Store for iPad, Dash | Dine and Dash, Stealth Inc.

The official Apple Store iPad app is here, which kicks of today’s New Apps Worth Downloading. Learn now it is different from the iPhone version and how it will help you choose wisely this holiday season. Following that is Dash, a great app for New York City diners and bar patrons that allows them to track and pay tabs from their iOS devices. Finally, we’ve got Stealth Inc., a side-scrolling puzzler in which players have to avoid being seen in order to stay alive.

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Apple Store (iPad) (Free)

What’s it about? Shop for Apple devices and find your local stores and set up appointments with the new iPad version of the Apple Store app.

What’s cool? Like its iPhone counterpart, the iPad version of the Apple Store app gives you access to Apple’s online shopping capabilities, and all the devices on offer there. You can use the app to browse through all Apple’s products, like Mac computers, iPads and accessories for its devices, and purchase them from wherever you are. The app also lets brings information about brick-and-mortar Apple Stores near you, as well — you can find nearby stores and get their hours or phone numbers, and the app makes it easy to set up appointments at the Genius Bar or if you should have a technical support issue. Apple Store for iPad is optimized for iOS 7 and takes advantage of the devices’ larger screens to make shopping an easier experience.

Who’s it for? If you’re an Apple device owner or in the market for one, or just an iOS user who wants to be able to quickly access Apple Store features, this is an app for you.

What’s it like? Don’t forget that iPhone users can also make use of the iPhone version of Apple Store.

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Dash | Dine and Dash (Free)

What’s it about? Use Dash to access, view and pay dining and bar tabs at various restaurants in New York City, maximizing your enjoyment without the risk of leaving behind a credit card or the like.

What’s cool? Dash is an app that’s great for a night out at the bar. The app lets you check into participating restaurants and bars and then gives you access to lots of information, like what your tab is in real time. You can also calculate tips automatically, skipping trying to do the math or pulling open a calculator app. Dash lets you pay your tab when you’re finished at an establishment, which can help protect your identity by keeping your credit card out of the hands of strangers, and it streamlines payment to just pressing a button. Just note that Dash only works with establishments in New York City, where it’s supported by about 25 venues in the city.

Who’s it for? New Yorkers who frequent Dash’s venues and want a secure, easy way to track and pay tabs should check out what Dash to offer.

What’s it like? You’ll find similar point-of-sale capabilities with apps such as PayPal and Starbucks.

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Stealth Inc. ($4.99)

What’s it about? Make use of light and shadows to sneak past cameras and enemies and solve puzzles in Stealth Inc., a side-scrolling stealth puzzler.

What’s cool? As a well-trained clone in Stealth Inc., your job is to hack computers, clear puzzles and avoid detection. You do that in this side-scrolling puzzler by making use of shadows that can guard you from being seen by cameras that trigger deadly lasers, or robots that hunt for intruders. Each level requires players to figure out how to use elements and pathways to avoid being seen, and you’re graded on your speed through each challenge. You can keep track of your progress in each stage on Stealth Inc.’s leaderboards, and the game provides some 80 levels to sneak your way through.

Who’s it for? If you like stealth games and titles that test your logical thinking skills, you’ll want to give Stealth Inc. a try.

What’s it like? For another solidly stealthy game, check out Spy Mouse.

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