New iPhone apps worth downloading: Adobe EchoSign update, Know Your Tomorrow Today, Gunslugs

Use your mobile device to make dealing with legal documents a little easier with today’s leading fresh app, Adobe EchoSign. We’ve also got the fun fortune-teller Know Your Tomorrow, Today, and the fast-paced, retro-inspired Gunslugs rounding out the selections.

Adobe EchoSign update (Free)

What’s it about? Adobe’s EchoSign service lets businesspeople capture electronic signatures on their iPhones and iPads, which makes doing business and dealing with contracts a lot easier.

What’s cool? EchoSign makes sending documents and getting them signed by others a lot easier, allowing you to send anything that’s linked to your Adobe EchoSign account online, documents from your Camera Roll, and more. You can ask for electronic signatures through the app or send captures of them from your device’s touchscreen. The latest update to EchoSign adds Google Drive support for even more sharing and storage.

Who’s it for? This one’s specifically for businesspeople who need documents signed via electronic signatures.

What’s it like? Try SignNow for more document-signing, and Square Register if you need to read credit cards with your mobile devices for transactions.

Know Your Tomorrow Today ($0.99)

What’s it about? Similar to a Magic 8-Ball, Know Your Tomorrow Today is encourages you to ask a question and then choose numbered cards that will reveal the answer.

What’s cool? Know Your Tomorrow Today gives you the answer to life’s deep, burning questions by way of 64 numbered cards. It’s pretty simple – ask a question, choose a card, get your answer. The answers are randomized so you won’t pick the same one in the same position twice, but all in all, it’s just some good, clean oracular fun.

Who’s it for? This one’s specifically for people who enjoy novelties like Magic 8-Balls and automated fortune tellers.

What’s it like? The Amazing Fortune Teller 3D and Magic 8 Ball will also give you some discount divinations on your smartphone.

Gunslugs ($1.99)

What’s it about? A run-and-gun title of the old-school, side-scrolling persuasion, Gunslugs is all action with retro graphics.

What’s cool? Gunslugs feels like a classic title such as one from the Contra series, and is basically wall-to-wall shooting action. Every level is randomized, so you’ll never experience the exact same run twice in a row, and Gunslugs is packed with unlockable characters you can earn through your performance in the game. In addition to running and gunning gameplay, you’ll also occasionally encounter vehicles you can drive to cause even more mayhem, and there are things like secret levels to discover along the way.

Who’s it for? If you like your mobile games light and action-packed with a retro twist, give Gunslugs a try.

What’s it like? You should also try out developer Pascal Bestebroer’s other games, like Meganoid 2 and Chrono&Cash.

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