New iPhone apps worth downloading: After The Interview, ROCCAT Power Grid, Combat Monsters

Get an edge on other job hunt candidates with today’s first fresh app, After the Interview. It’s designed to help you with advice on what to do after completing a job interview, which can give you a leg up in the future. We’ve also got ROCCAT Power Grid, an app aimed at PC gamers that gives them the ability to control various functions of their computers with their iOS devices, and Combat Monsters, a collectible card battle game with 3-D graphics and intense monster battles.

Looking for a job or apps to help prep for an interview? Try these and these.


After The Interview (Free)

What’s it about? Follow up a job interview with tips and advice on what you can do to maximized your chances of employment.

What’s cool? Landing a job interview is the stressful part of the job search process, but after you’ve met the people you might be working for and hopefully made a good impression, what then? For most people, the answer is just to sit back and wait, but After The Interview suggests that you can be a lot more active and increase your chances of getting the job with some simple actions. The app encourages users to document important information from their interview for reference later, and helps keep the interview fresh so that if you do get that call back, you’re ready for it.

Who’s it for? If you’re looking for work and worried about the interview process, After the Interview can be a useful tool.

What’s it like? Search for jobs with Jobs and Job Search by TheLadders.

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ROCCAT Power Grid (Free)

What’s it about? Use your iOS device to control your computer even when you’re playing games or doing other things using ROCCAT’s Power Grid software.

What’s cool? ROCCAT is a company that makes computer gaming accessories, and its latest offering, Power-Grid, is an app built to make controlling your PC easier even mid-game. The app pairs with software you can download for free to your PC to give you remote control of the computer from your iOS device while it’s running other programs, and you can use ROCCAT’s “grids” to set up custom controls for your phone that let you keep an eye on Twitter, adjust things like volume or screen settings, or even control the specific game you’re playing. ROCCAT offers downloadable pre-made grids for lots of different uses, and you can make your own, too. Just note that the app is still in beta, which means there might still be bugs being worked out.

Who’s it for? PC gamers looking for more control and convenience might want to give Power-Grid a shot.

What’s it like? Though it’s not quite the same, you can get some control of your PC with your iOS devices with Microsoft Remote Desktop and Splashtop.

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Combat Monsters (Free)

What’s it about? A turn-based card battle game, Combat Monsters uses 3-D graphics to make your battles feel more engaging and realistic.

What’s cool? Technically, Combat Monsters is something of a mix between a card battling game in which players create a deck of special cards to use in turn-based battle, and a tactical board game. The cards represent different monsters, and playing them summons the monsters to do battle on your behalf against an opponent. Where Combat Monsters distinguishes itself is in making the battle portions of the game fully animated in 3-D – so while you’ll still gather cards together and apply strategy to which monsters you keep in your deck and which you pass up, you’ll also need to use your tactical sense on the board. You’ll also employ cards that make your monsters more powerful, cast spells that attack your enemies more directly, and more. You can play Combat Monsters against players on PC or other iOS devices, or just play alone to complete the game’s single-player campaign.

Who’s it for? Fans of card battle games will want to check out Combat Monsters’ take on the genre and its cross-platform multiplayer options.

What’s it like? Other great card battle games include Heroes of Order & Chaos and Magic 2014.

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