New iPhone apps worth downloading: BarEye, RITHM, Blendamaze

Start the week by making your night life a little more social-network friendly with BarEye. Our first new app today lets users check in at bars and see where their friends are and what’s happening at local events near them, and even allows users to buy and receive drinks at their establishments. Up next is RITHM, a messenger app that allows users to send each other songs that can then be accessed through services such as Spotify and Rdio. Finally, Blendamaze challenges players to blend colors together to make a specific hue, but to do so, they have to navigate a ball through a tilt-based wooden maze.

BarEye (Free)

What’s it about? BarEye turns your bar-going experience into a social networking experience, allowing you to check in to bars and even to buy drinks for people – or allow them to buy drinks for you.

What’s cool? Think of BarEye like Foursquare for bars. The app is all about heading out to your favorite watering hole or holes and using your device’s GPS capabilities to “check in” when you arrive. You can use BarEye to see where your friends are hanging out so you can go meet them, or to find out where the best music, events or drink specials are in your area. The app also makes it possible to buy drinks for other people at various bars, and for people to buy drinks for you. BarEye also turns your bar-going experience into a contest: you have a chance at as much as $1,500 if you buy the most drinks, receive the most drinks, or get the most “cheers” from other users.

Who’s it for? If you’re a fan of bar-hopping and are looking for a way to bring social networking into the mix, try BarEye.

What’s it like? You can also do more checking in to businesses and restaurants with Foursquare and find out what’s going on at various locations with

RITHM (Free)

What’s it about? Messaging app RITHM takes sending content on your iOS device a step further, providing users the ability to send music as well as photos, text and more.

What’s cool? There are lots of apps that let you do handy messaging on your iOS devices, turning them into walkie-talkies, adding the ability to send photos and videos, and giving you lots of other cool capabilities. RITHM does something most messaging apps don’t, however – it allows you to send and share music with your contacts, as well as photos and videos. You can send your friends a sample of just about any track for free, and they can then access it in services such as Rdio or Spotify. You can also share what you send to others on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and add photos, videos, and even animated characters to your messages.

Who’s it for? Users who find themselves sending lots of messages and who wish they could fire off music tracks as easily as photos will want to add RITHM to their app libraries.

What’s it like? Fill out your more conventional messaging features with SnapChat.

Blendamaze (Free)

What’s it about? Players in Blendamaze are tasked with combining colored paints in order to achieve a certain mixture in order to finish each level, but in order to mix the colors together, they have to navigate a ball through a maze using tilt-based controls.

What’s cool? Blendamaze controls like a tilt-based maze-navigation game modeled after old wooden games like Labyrinth. Players tilt their devices to carefully drive a ball forward through a maze, keeping it away from falling through holes and trying to navigate it toward a goal. Except in Blendamaze, your ultimate goal isn’t just to get the ball to the end of each level – you need to collect the right colors along the way. The ball can’t go through the goal of each maze without being changed to its corresponding color, and that means making pit stops at pockets full of paint in order to blend them together and make the ball the proper color to reach the exit. Blendamaze includes more than 120 levels of varying difficulty, so it’ll keep you busy for a while.

Who’s it for? Fans of tilt-based gameplay and mazes, and those who enjoy the puzzles inherent in trying to mix colors to a certain result, should try those elements all combined in Blendamaze.

What’s it like? For more color-blending puzzle gameplay, grab Blendoku, while Labyrinth is great for more old-school tilt mazes.

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