New iPhone apps worth downloading: CamFind update, Alarmy, Tap & Blast

Find exactly what you’re looking for using today’s first app worth downloading, CamFind. The app uses your iOS device’s camera to search the Internet for information, allowing you to quickly look up info on an object, find and compare prices, or locate stores that sell whatever it is you’re looking for. We’ve also got Alarmy, a super-annoying alarm clock that makes sure you’re awake by forcing you out of bed to take photos of specific objects in order to shut it off. Finally, Tap & Blast brings players lots of arcade-based levels in which they have to shoot a character from one exploding barrel to another, scoring points along the way.

CamFind update (Free)

What’s it about? Turn your smartphone’s camera into a search engine tool using CamFind, a search app that can help you find results on the Internet or even compare prices on products.

What’s cool? It’s a pretty simple concept, really: CamFind is an app that lets you snap pictures of things, and uses those pictures to search for information on the Internet. That means you can instantly get information about just about anything, with CamFind providing standard search results and information such as where you can buy the thing you’re photographing, or what the prices are at stores around you for comparison shopping purposes. The app can also let you instantly share something to your social networks and scan QR and bar codes as well. CamFind’s latest update brings some bug fixes and improvements, like a stronger bar code scanner and better stability.

Who’s it for? If you’re looking for fast information from your iOS device without the need to type search queries and the like, check out CamFind.

What’s it like? You can also search with your device’s camera using Google Search.

Alarmy ($1.99)

What’s it about? Billed as “the world’s most annoying alarm clock,” Alarmy is serious about making sure you wake up on time by making hitting “snooze” more or less impossible.

What’s cool? Alarmy is an alarm clock you can’t easily turn off. The idea is that, rather than allowing users to continually hit the snooze button and oversleep, it requires you to do some tougher things in order to shut it off – things like shake your device 50 times in a row, or take a picture of a specific place or object. That way, when the alarm starts ringing, you have to be up and awake in order to shut it down. Alarmy features a simple interface that makes setting and reading it easy, and it can work with the music you have saved in your iOS device to make the wakeup process a little more pleasant.

Who’s it for? If you need something to force you to get up in the morning, Alarmy might be a good solution to your plight.

What’s it like? Try other useful (but annoying) alarm clocks in SpinMe Alarm Clock and Step Out of Bed.

Tap & Blast (Free)

What’s it about? Blast through exploding barrels in Tap & Blast, an arcade game in which players have to use timing to earn high scores.

What’s cool? Players of Tap & Blast are tasked with guiding Red the Imp through some 60 levels, all of which include a bunch of exploding barrels. Each barrel fires Red in a specific direction, and your job is to shoot him from barrel to barrel until you reach the end of each stage. Timing is key, as is performing stunts in mid-air and snagging chilies in order to drive up your score. While you’ll need to be careful about when you fire each of Red’s barrels, you can’t wait too long, as you’re racing the rising sun in each stage as well. As you play, you’ll unlock new characters to try, as well as new power-ups, moves and more.

Who’s it for? Fans of fast-paced arcade games that test timing and reflexes should give Tap & Blast a shot.

What’s it like? Similar arcade experiences include Ms. Splosion Man and Angry Birds.

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