New iPhone apps worth downloading: CMT Artists, Bug Heroes 2, Tengami

Find new country music to listen to and learn all about the artists who make it with CMT Artists, our first app worth downloading today.

CMT Artists (Free)

What’s it about? CMT Artists gives users access to tons of information about songs and artists, helping them to discover new music, as well as learn about the people behind it.

What’s cool? Hear a song and wonder who sings it, what it’s called, and where you can get it? CMT Artists can help. The app lets you identify songs you hear using your device’s microphone or by searching its lyrics, and then provides you with lots of information about it, beyond just who’s the artist behind it. You’ll find songs, photos, profiles and more on each artist, and you can also stream music videos of various songs, listen to MP3s and previews, and buy tracks you like through iTunes. CMT Artists even links you up to each artist’s Twitter and Facebook feeds, so you can follow them and stay up on what they’re doing.

Who’s it for? Country music fans who want a way to keep on new music and get all kinds of info on artists should check out CMT Artists.

What’s it like? Identify more tracks with Soundhound and Shazam.

Bug Heroes 2 (Free)

What’s it about? Much like its predecessor, Bug Heroes 2 mixes action-heavy gameplay with strategy elements to create a game that has players balancing multiple elements as they fight off hordes of enemy insects.

What’s cool? The bugs are on the war path in Bug Heroes 2, and your job is to control not only a pair of powerful heroes as they wade into battle, but also to build a base that can help them defend their food stash from enemy soldiers. Most of Bug Heroes 2 is played as one of a pair of hero bugs that make up your squad, who carry weapons similar to swords, guns and the like, and fight enemies head-on. As you gather things like food and other resources from the battlefield, however, you’ll also need to deck out a base, upgrade it with defenses, and hire mercenary bugs to fight by your side in order to protect it. Bug Heroes 2 includes some 25 bugs that players can take into battle, plus 75 enemies to fight.

Who’s it for? Players who like tactical, strategic and action-heavy gameplay will find a little bit of all three in Bug Heroes 2.

What’s it like? You’ll definitely want to try the original Bug Heroes for your strategy-action fix as well, and its spin-off, Bug Heroes Quest.

Tengami ($4.99)

What’s it about? Venture through a Japanese pop-up book world in Tengami, a hybrid puzzler and point-and-click adventure game in which you manipulate the pop-up book around you.

What’s cool? Tengami is a game that takes place within a pop-up book, and as players venture through the strange and beautiful world, they’ll have to solve puzzles that require moving things like tabs and folding different elements in order to advance. Creating pathways, finding an opening doors, and discovering which parts of the game are interactive is all part of the puzzle-solving challenge as you move through the game, which tells its atmospheric tale with almost no text or other dialog.

Who’s it for? Puzzle game fans who like their titles atmospheric and aesthetically gorgeous should give Tengami a try.

What’s it like? For more interesting and atmospheric adventures, try Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery and Waking Mars.

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