New iPhone apps worth downloading: Picmatic, Just Going to the Dentist – Little Critter, Pixel Defenders Plus update

Today we present you with Picmatic, a photo frame app that lets you adjust, display, and even play music to match your images. Following that is Just Going to the Dentist, an iOS version of a children’s book that parents can record themselves narrating for their kids to use later. Finally, a big update to match-3 title Pixel Defenders Puzzle is more than worth your time.

Picmatic (Free)

What’s it about? Picmatic is a digital picture frame that displays your photos along with the music you choose.

What’s cool? The app provides a way to view and display your photos, and includes a number of different layouts to arrange your shots. Then, while viewing photos, you can turn the app into a jukebox that plays music with swipe controls, or set it up as a clock decked out with your own photographs.

Who’s it for? If you snap a lot of pictures with your iOS device and wish you had a good way to display them, check out Picmatic.

What’s it like? Try Pic Stitch and Pic Collage for more photo framing fun.

Just Going to the Dentist – Little Critter ($0.99)

What’s it about? A new children’s book from developer Oceanhouse helps kids learn to read and gives them something to do with an iOS device other than play games.

What’s cool? Just Going to the Dentist is a story of the well-known children’s book character Little Critter and, as you might guess, tells the story of his first ever visit to the dentist. Like Oceanhouse’s other apps, it’s a digital version of a pre-existing children’s book, and includes a read along mode that will narrate the book aloud to kids, as well as a mode that empowers young readers to go it alone. Parents can even record themselves reading the story for kids’ use later. You can also tap any word in the text to hear it spoken, which can also help kids improve their reading comprehension.

Who’s it for? This one is primarily for young children, but slightly older kids might still enjoy it as they test their reading skills.

What’s it like? Check out other Little Critter books, like Just Me and My Mom and Just Me and My Dad.

Pixel Defenders Puzzle update ($0.99)

What’s it about? Pixel Defenders combines match-3 gameplay with role playing elements to create an involved puzzle title.

What’s cool? Mixing RPGs and match-3 games creates something like the perfect storm of addictive mobile time-wasters, and that’s what you’ll get with Pixel Defenders Puzzle. The title has players matching three of various, different colored items as its core gameplay: match three blue pixels to summon a wizard, match three wizards to create a sorcerer, three sorcerers makes a warlock, and so on. Those characters can then be used to fight off enemies during the course of the game, because your true goal is to defend VIP characters wandering around the game board. Pixel Defenders’ latest big update adds an “endless” mode, plus Game Center achievements plus iPhone 5 and iPad optimization.

Who’s it for? Match-3 and RPG fans, you don’t want to miss this one.

What’s it like? Another solid match-3 game with similar mechanics is Triple Town.

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