New iPhone apps worth downloading: SwapViva, Momentsia, Six-Guns update

Start the New Year off right with a few new apps worth downloading! Up first is SwapViva, a social app where you can barter for goods and services, followed by photo app Momentsia, which lets you to group photos together into collages. Finally, we have an update to Western action game Six-Guns, which adds multiplayer mode.

SwapViva (Free)

What’s it about? SwapViva is like having a personal flea market in your pocket. It allows you to swap products or services for other products and services through bartering, rather than money.

What’s cool? Taking the mentality of social selling tools like eBay, SwapViva removes the need for money in exchanges and replaces it with whatever you’ve got. If you have a bunch of old Star Wars toys you want to trade for shiny new Star Wars toys, you can do that – provided you find someone with whom to trade. SwapViva facilitates the trades to help keep them equitable, and the whole network offers free sign-up.

Who’s it for? Anyone who’s looking to trade for things and get goods and services on the cheap should give SwapViva a look.

What’s it like? For a more organized (and monetary) system of purchasing and selling, try eBay.

Momentsia ($0.99)

What’s it about? Photo app Momentsia allows you to group several photos together to make a single, multi-frame image and share it with others.

What’s cool? Momentsia provides you with a set of multi-image picture frames, giving you the ability to generate groups of images based around a common theme or subject. The frames themselves are easy to use; you tap the spot you want to fill, select a photo from your Camera Roll, and you’re good to go. You can create collages as things happen, and then instantly share them over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks.

Who’s it for? If you like to use your iOS devices for photography, you can make a fabulous presentation using Momentsia.

What’s it like? Create more collages with Pic Collage and InstaCollage Pro.

Six-Guns update (Free)

What’s it about? Gameloft’s Six-Guns is an open-world Western that’s a lot like Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption.

What’s cool? As is usually the case with Gameloft’s games, Six-Guns is a polished and great-looking third-person shooter that nails the Western feel. Players fight bandits, ride horses, hunt, and more. Six-Guns provides a whole lot of missions along that advance the game’s narrative. The latest update to the game adds a multiplayer mode that increases the amount of content significantly, allowing you to take on other players eight-person team Capture the Flag matches. You can also link the game to your Facebook account to invite other friends to play, and challenge them to matches.

Who’s it for? If you like high-quality open world or sandbox games with great graphics, Westerns, and Gameloft’s work in general, you should take a look at Six-Guns.

What’s it like? Gameloft’s Gangstar Rio offers similar open-world experience, and Bladeslinger takes the Western setting in a different direction.

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