New iPhone apps worth downloading: TheFind, Status for Facebook, Steampunk Tower

We’re getting into the holiday season, which is a pretty good reason to check out TheFind, today’s first app worth downloading. The app brings access to 500,000 stores and an insane number of products, which you can search through to find the best price and then order from your iOS device. We’ve also got Status for Facebook, an app that streamlines your News Feed into a digestible, Twitter-like timeline, and Steampunk Tower, a tower-defense-like title in which you outfit one tower with a number of weapons systems to fight off invaders.

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TheFind (Free)

What’s it about? Find just about anything you could ever want to buy with TheFind, a shopping app that makes it easy to browse tons of online stores and get what you need.

What’s cool? TheFind is a shopping that comes with a humungous scope. The app makes it quick and easy to search through more than 500,000 online stores and 500 million products, to find exactly what it is your looking for and the best possible price you can. It also packs useful features, like a barcode scanner that allows you to compare prices while you’re shopping in a brick-and-mortar store. TheFind brings lists of products that are available both online and at nearby stores, and it can customize your search results based on your preferences and tastes, as well.

Who’s it for? Savvy online shoppers looking to save money and time will want to grab TheFind.

What’s it like? Do some more shopping around with Amazon Mobile and RedLaser.


Stay plugged into your Facebook network with these apps.

Status for Facebook (Free)

What’s it about? View your Facebook feed in a more Twitter-like way with Status for Facebook, which presents status updates in chronological order and in a simplified interface.

What’s cool? The big part of Facebook when you check it out online is the News Feed, where you can see status updates from your friends, as well as any videos, images, or other media they post. Status for Facebook is an app that focuses just on the News Feed, compiling status updates into something of a Twitter-like timeline stream. That means the interface is simplified and made a bit cleaner and lighter, making it easy to quickly skim through status updates, check out links to articles and images, and post updates of your own. You can also set up the app to filter your friends feeds based on when posts were made, or to show you only posts that you haven’t read comments on.

Who’s it for? Facebook users looking for a simpler way to enjoy the social network might check out Status for Facebook.

What’s it like? With a similar interface, Tweebot does for Twitter what Status does for Facebook.

Fancy yourself a master of tower defense? Check out these alternative games!

Steampunk Tower ($0.99)

What’s it about? A tower defense game with only one tower, Steampunk Tower requires players to build defenses to an ever-growing tower in order to fight off attackers.

What’s cool? Your tower is under attack in Steampunk Tower, and in order to protect it, you’ll need defenses. Each room on the tower can be outfitted with a different weapons system, like machine guns, laser cannons, lightning coils, saw launchers and other steampunk-themed systems. Steampunk Tower includes 15 different battlefields for players to work through, plus seven more challenge rounds for you to defeat.

Who’s it for? Tower defense fans looking for a slightly different take on the genre will find lots to enjoy in Steampunk Tower, and that goes double for fans of steampunk visuals and jazzy soundtracks.

What’s it like? Tower defense-slash-puzzler Bad Hotel has a similar premise to Steampunk Tower, as does Tiny Heroes (but without the tower part).

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