New iPhone apps worth downloading: TripLingo and Givit Video Highlighter updates, Wordament

Today, download TripLingo, a travel app packed full of useful phrases in a number of different languages. Next up is Givit Video Highlighter, an app that lets you quickly edit the videos you shoot on your iOS devices. Last but not least there is Wordament, a multiplayer word search game that links with Microsoft’s Xbox Live gaming network.

TripLingo (Free)

What’s it about? TripLingo is a pocket translator that makes traveling in foreign countries easier, and is packed full of useful phrases.

What’s cool? TripLingo is a pocket phrasebook, but with the capability of playing the phrases you want to know out loud. It’s packed with 1,200 useful phrases and a 10,000-word dictionary that can be accessed offline. It also has a voice-to-voice translator function that lets you say a phrase and hear its counterpart in another language, and built-in flash cards to help you learn. There’s even information about the cultures you’re visiting to help you avoid embarrassing situations.

Who’s it for? Travelers to foreign lands, this app is aimed squarely at you and should be extremely useful.

What’s it like? Try Word Lens for more translation capabilities, as well as Google Translate.

Givit Video Highlighter update (Free)

What’s it about? Givit is basically a pocket video editing program, allowing you to quickly cut together scenes from a single video or multiple videos to create something new.

What’s cool? Speed and ease of use are what make Givit cool. The app allows you to mark the locations where you want cuts, add transitions or other features, and create a final “highlight” that you can share with others through Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. There are no restrictions on the number of clips you can use or the length of your overall video, and you even get a complimentary 5GB of cloud storage for your videos. Givit’s latest update adds new functionality for sending your videos to Twitter, including “Twitter cards” that allow users to access your video content without leaving their timelines. There are also new effects and fade-out support.

Who’s it for? If you fancy yourself an iOS videographer, you should try Givit for its editing capabilities.

What’s it like? HighlightCam Video Editor and MoviePro are solid video-shooting alternatives.

Wordament (Free)

What’s it about? Word-search game Wordament is about making as many words as possible in two minutes from a grid of letters, with the most points often coming from words of a specific theme.

What’s cool? Wordament is a fast-paced multiplayer title that lets you measure your scores against tons of other players. You make words by dragging your thumb across letters in sequence, and the letters each need to be adjacent to the next in the word in order to form it. The game is linked to Microsoft’s Xbox Live service, so if you play games on Xbox, you can earn achievements, and also compete against your Xbox Live friends.

Who’s it for? Anyone who likes word games, multiplayer games or Xbox Live achievements should check out Wordament.

What’s it like? Wordament shares similarities to multiplayer games such as Letterpress and Words With Friends.

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