New remote working apps for play

Starbucks Coffee

If you like to use your remote work benefits to truly get remote this app is for you. Why? Because regardless of what your internet capabilities are while travelling finding a good, fast, dependable wifi can be required for big download days. By keeping the closest Starbucks location in mind you know just how remote you can go before you’ll run out of the webs.


Snow Report

One of the ways I stay sane while working remotely is to get up early and get a good hour or two of cross country skiing in before I start my day. If things go well I can often squeeze in an hour a lunch, especially useful when things are crazy stressful to regroup and clear the mind. This app let’s me know if my 5am wakeup time is going to be worth it or if I should just snooze for a few hours because it’s raining in the mountains.

If you work remotely take advantage of the ability to get in some nature time during your day… it really helps with stress levels and general outlook.



I don’t love this app and apparently there are better Mi-Fi monitors out there. To help me work remotely I got a Mi-Fi from Verizon, allowing me to have interwebs where there aren’t any. Trouble is that the mifi doesn’t tell you about power and frankly the battery is way too short to be truly useful but still, having an app that lets you know when you need to find power is a very good thing for a device that just won’t let you know.


Skype for iPhone

If you work remotely you’re burning up a ton of minutes of phone calls. My minutes doubled when I went to working remotely full time. Thank God for rollover! And this is where skype comes in. By allowing me to make many person to person calls or even group calls without using my minutes I can save the actual minutes for important conference calls and other high quality meetings. Plus with the Mifi Skype extends my mobile coverage beyond AT&T’s rural unfriendly coverage map.



And on that note, why not keep an eye on your minutes from your phone? This app will help you make sure you’re not going over and let you know if that call should be done on skype or on your phone proper. Very useful for the iPhone dependent remote worker.


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