The Newest VR Games to Play on Your Phone

From the list of tons of VR games, we have included the finest android and IOS alternatives in this article.

Virtual reality is easier than ever to enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Hundreds of applications can offer you a full virtual experience using inexpensive headgear and your smartphone. From the list of tons of VR games, we’ve included the finest Android and iOS alternatives below. Whether you want to swim with sharks or enjoy a boat ride, many VR experiences are accessible.

Rec Room

Rec Room is a very popular game offering an outstanding virtual reality experience. You can play it on PlayStation, Xbox, iOS, Android, Oculus, and other devices. In user-created rooms, you talk and hang out with millions of people or create something new. Customizable avatars, tough games, and more are all available.


This game sets players in a micro world that looks like the anatomy of a human cell, making it instructive as well. As they take in interior space, players travel via capillaries and linkages. The richness and scale of the scenes make this process worthwhile, and the soundtrack adds to the fun.

Cartoon Village

Cartoon Village transports you to a vibrant medieval cartoon hamlet where you are free to explore every corner. The high degree of detail gives the rural enclave a truly lived-in feel. How people act and how the environment around them changes depends on the time of year and season.

On smartphones with Android 4.2 and higher, it also operates in Daydream mode. Cartoon Village has already established itself as the prettiest CG-rendered software in the virtual reality industry.


Within is a production company that specializes in presenting tales through live-action virtual reality filmmaking. Also, this app is the finest method to see their high-quality 360° movies on your smartphone.

The United Nations, the New York Times, Vice, Saturday Night Live, etc. all collaborate with the game that guarantees that the medium explores its potential. The app collaborated with U2 on their song “Song for Someone,” allowing viewers to sit in their homerooms with Bono.

Jaunt VR

Another production startup, Jaunt, attempts to transport viewers into story-driven worlds using just their mobile devices. Jaunt covers a lot of scenarios including a virtual Nepalese Himalayan adventure, a tour inside North Korea during military programs, a front-row ticket at a Paul McCartney performance, etc.

They may even transport you inside a film, such as the Zoolander 2 360° fashion session with Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller).

Gunjack 2: End of Shift

Another entertaining VR game that many consider one of the biggest games of the year. Your role in this game is to play as a space mercenary who is guarding a mining station to prevent intruders.

You will have stunning visuals in this game. An interface of a ship assists to immerse yourself in the VR experience. You may wait a few minutes to get the controls, but it’s worth a go.

Anshar Wars 2

This is another amazing game with the features of space games. The individuality of this game is that it is more focused on fighting against enemy spacecraft. With an immersive appearance, the game is very realistic. As a result, you get an ideal experience of virtual reality.

One drawback of this game is that you will face difficulty while controlling the camera with your vision due to the fast-paced game. Therefore, many people play this game using a standard controller to avoid neck injury.

Land’s End

Want to play an exciting Android VR game? Land’s End is for you. You will undoubtedly enjoy this game. The same team who has created Monument Valley, a very popular mobile game, has also created this game!

In this, your person awakens in an ancient culture. And, the thing is that you need to help them to move forward by completing riddles. It may be extremely difficult, and you don’t need a controller to play it. 


With a much easier concept than the other VR games that we have mentioned on our list, the name itself represents a really engaging title. The game offers an alternate feel to London of the nineteenth century. In it, magic also exists and you will get a wand full of spells.

You will have powers and use them to fight against other global gamers. The game is entertaining and intriguing, but you should familiarize yourself with the rules before attacking other players.


BAMF VR is another basic yet interesting puzzle game that you will surely enjoy playing. It has a teleportation system through which you may move across different stages. In the meantime, you can obtain a variety of crystals to go forward to the next level.

Because the virtual reality gadget is totally controlled by your emotions, it’s best to play it while upright. The good news is that, unlike most contemporary VR games, it can be experienced for free.

House of Terror

This is a virtual reality game in which you must search through dangerous surroundings filled with traps and even creatures. In this horror home experience, you must solve puzzles, look for clues, and figure out what is happening to cause the terror.


You can browse millions of designs in 3D, VR, or AR right from your phone using Sketchfab. This may be teleporting to another city, wandering among dinosaurs, or doing surgery. On the Sketchfab site, you may follow certain creators or just search for anything you’re keen to see.

VR Abyss: Sharks & Sea Worlds

Sharks, coral reefs, whales, and more amazing sea creatures await you in VR Abyss. You may not only explore, but you can also enjoy a sport to try to set a high score while diving.

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