Smoking Manager

This app calculates exactly how much money you’ve spent on cigarettes. It also tells you how many puffs you’ve taken and how much CO2 consumed. It’s a must have, especially if you want to quit. A pack a day= about $180.00/month in California. In NY, it’s even more.


Anti-Smoking Ads

There are some very clever ads in this app. My favorite is the one where all of the tooth brush brissels are cigarettes. Yuck! This app is highly recommended to demonstrate the hazards of smoking and an excellent reminder if you are trying to quit.


Shocking Smoking Facts

If you stop smoking right now, in ten years the risk of lung cancer will almost return to that of a nonsmoker. This is a simple app with gross pictures and many facts that are good reminders to leave smoking behind.


Quit Pro: stop smoking now

I highly recommend this app if you are serious about quitting smoking because it adds facebook and twitter into the equation. Peer pressure is a strong motivator. It also keeps track of your slip-ups and lets you log how many cigarettes you smoke per/day plus the cost and when you had your last puff. Good luck.


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