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Live the nomad life with apps that allow you to fit your entire office into your pocket and work wherever and whenever you want. Free yourself from the confines of your desk and travel with confidence knowing that you can stay on top of your work with just a few clicks.

Below are five apps that mean you can work freely:

Box (iOS, Android)

Box brings all of your files together and allows you to easily switch between working on your PC to working on your tablet or phone. Box keeps it simple with a clean and fresh feeling design, allowing you to organize your files into projects and ensuring that you spend your time on real work rather than navigating your way around the app. Store all of your important documents in one place including photos, videos and notes and even access them when offline, perfect for when you’re working on the go and don’t have a reliable internet connection. Sync your account with colleagues so that you can easily and conveniently share files and leave feedback on projects.

[appbox appstore id290853822]

[appbox googleplay]

Trello (iOS, Android)

Trello is the work tool of choice for those that rely on projects. Using an odd ttilesetsystem, Trello allows your boss to assign you to individual tasks, attaching members for both addition and review along the way. The design is clean, with multiple boards available for different types of jobs or different departments. The task can then be moved along the review stages, until finally reaching completion.

Trello is a freelancer’s dream, as well as the perfect tool for companies with a huge load of diverse tasks and an even bigger load of different employees that all need managing.

[appbox appstore id461504587]

[appbox googleplay com.trello]

Slack (iOS, Android)

Slack is a virtual office that allows you to communicate with colleagues and work efficiently as a team even when you’re away from the office. Keep the meeting going even when you can’t all make it to the office with group calls and conversations. Suddenly come up with a great project idea on your way home from work now you can post it to your office’s conversation instantly and get instant feedback rather than waiting until you’re all back in the office.

You can also create a group to do lists so that everyone knows what needs to be done and can see each other’s progress at all times. Another great feature of Slack is the ability to share and edit documents, even integrating other work-based tools including Google Drive and Dropbox giving you the power to work from anywhere with just your phone.

[appbox appstore id618783545]

[appbox googleplay com.Slack]

Asana: Organize Team Projects (iOS, Android)

Asana makes managing your workload an easy and stress-free experience allowing you to set tasks and monitor your progress, as well as syncing with colleagues and receiving updates on tasks you’re following so that you have peace of mind even when out of the office and know that projects are staying on track.

Create tasks and set reminders so that Asana can keep track of your workload and ensure that you never forget an important deadline again, view your work on a calendar making it easy to plan your time and be in control of your time. You can even use Asana as a note pad perfect for quickly jotting down ideas when you’re travelling and sharing them with colleagues.

[appbox appstore id489969512]

[appbox googleplay]

Mailchimp (iOS, Android)

Mailchimp takes your emails to the next level giving you full control of the way that you use emails to suit your business and ensure that everything runs smoothly even when you’re away from the office. Combine all of your different accounts so that you can stay on top of your mail with just one click. Keep taps on your mail with statistics that allow you to see how your using your emails and what you can do to enhance efficiency, including how many emails you have opened in a given time period and how many emails you have sent. Create templates that you can use to quickly reply to emails or send out as part of a marketing campaign. With Mailchimp you can even set up automatic resending of emails that have not been opened within a set time and send automatic emails to remindthe customer of that they still need to complete their purchase. Mailchimp removes the stress of managing you mail and ensures that your emails are working to enhance your business.

[appbox appstore id366794783]

[appbox googleplay com.mailchimp.mailchimp]

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