PC Gaming: Best Games to Play Today

PC gaming

The entertainment industry is an ever-changing and ever-developing sector in today’s economic sector of the world. New gamers are now entering the gaming sector for professional and personal purposes at an increasing rate. In today’s world, one of the vastly used platforms for gaming is Windows or PC gaming.

Several Genres of PC Gaming

Genre means the type of game. Any game can be based on action, adventure, racing, detective, shooting, and more. Those different genres extract different levels of emotional antipathy and help you to learn about new experiences. A good detective game can help you improve your observation skills. Whereas, football games like FIFA can give you helpful pointers for your style.

With different genres, you are open to different types of learning opportunities. Moreover, everyone has their taste to note. But you should note that there are quality games available in every genre.

Type 1: Shooting Games

A vast list of shooting games is available on different gaming platforms. The names of some prominent shooting games played globally are PUBG and Fortnite. Sensational war and army-based games like Call of duty, Medal of Honor, etc. also come under the shooting genre.

Additionally, you can check out Call of Duty, and PUBG for your shooting experience. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Medal of Honor are good plot games that many people recommend. You will get the feel for military training from such high-quality games.

Type 2: Action Games

Action/adventure/shooting all are relevant fields. If you want a good shooting game with a good story plot, you must check out Bioshock and Far Cry series.

Far Cry 3 is one of the best games in the series with critical acclaim for many elements of the game. For its captivating best plot, revenge, and rescue storyline, this game is one of the best PC games you can find.

Bioshock is a very prominent game series. There is the resident evil series, Devil May Cry series. All these are very popular game series but not all games are top-notch in every sector.

Type 3: Racing Games

Racing is an attractive genre for many gamers especially.  There is the Need for Speed racing game series which brings people quality games from time to time. Following the best story plot, many people consider Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005) as one of the best. And if you like the 2005 version, a similar but more attractive and improved game is the NFS Most Wanted (2012) version.

There are many other series like Ford Horizon, Asphalt, Burnout paradise, and more. NFS hot pursuit, NFS heat, and NFS rivals are your best recommendations. The gameplay system of each game is the latest and different from its predecessor. A new unique feature is present in every new game separating it from its peers.

Type 4: Action-Adventure PC Gaming

Many games fall under this pc gaming genre. Let’s know about some of the best games and game series.

One of the best game series of this genre is the GTA series, with GTA V as one of the best games of all time. Besides this, GTA IV liberty city is amazing and GTA San Andreas is a quality game too. There is a more similar type of game series.

Like there is the game Watch Dogs. Watch Dogs is one of the best plotted and gameplay PC games. It features a hacker on his path toward revenge and finding the truth. With a unique built-in gameplay system and overall gaming with the story, you should not mess it up.

Furthermore, there is the Mafia series. Mafia is another top-quality game that people appreciate globally. The first installment of the Mafia series had the best plot for many people. The sequels had a superior Quality increase.

There is the yakuza and Saints Row series. Those are popular franchises as well. Saints Row: the third can be particularly noted, while Yakuza 0 is noted as a quality game.

If you like adventure games; a popular and captivating game is the fable series. Fable: the lost faith is one of the best PC games to play.

Type 5: Sports Game

Sport is a globally liked genre. There is a big following for the FIFA game series. There are globally many football lovers who are always waiting for new arrivals. FIFA 20, and FIFA 21 are their latest games. There is the cricket championship game series, tennis game series, and many more.

Changing Gaming Platforms to PC Gaming

Due to extreme requests, many games get the opportunity to be formatted for multiple gaming platforms. For example, action-adventure games The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, GTA V, and many more were built for other platforms except PC gaming. But due to demand, they made the games into PC format.

These games will be an unforgettable experience for you. GTA V, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are both available on windows. These two games are very highly recommended.

Compatibility of PC and Games

PC is your personal computer.  You need to update it simultaneously with the passing years. This is because more and high graphics are being incorporated into newly made games. Therefore, you need to keep the compatibility of the games with your PC in mind to know, which games you can play on your computer.


There are numerous games available apart from the above-mentioned games in this article. PC gaming companies are developing more games for their customers. PC gaming is a highly predictable sector for people globally. So, it is hopeful that, the names mentioned in the article will help you to get started in the path of PC racing.

You can be certain that those games will not disappoint you. Moreover, you can conduct further research and ask for recommendations, and you will find that these games might be the fuel you require. Playing those games will also push you to find similar-based games that you may come to love.

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