Picture Perfect Photo Apps


Camera+ the most extensive editing options I’ve seen yet. Filters, framing, & effects all built into one of the designed apps you’ll find. The lightbox editing allows you to quickly move between pics and sharing is built in. It really is an ultimate app.



When a simple effect isn’t enough CameraBag presets are just right. I love the Cinema and Magazine presets and it just makes your pictures really shine. Fantastic app




Recently released app that combines great photo features with amazing social tools. Follow your friends to comment/like their pics. Easily share your pics to Twitter, Facebook, & Tumblr.

The photo editing filters are the best I’ve seen. Several lo-fi/70’s type filters that add interest and artistic flair to your pics.

You’ll find yourself snapping more pictures and seeing the life of your friends a pic at a time.


Best Camera

Best is a strong word but the editing features of this app make it the best. Very simple to use filters that you can use in any combination to produce great pics.


Pixelpipe – Post & Upload to the Social Web

This is a MUST HAVE. Add your photo accounts and then in a single action upload them to multiple sites. I’ve relied on this app for over a year now and couldn’t be happier. Get it – trust me



Create amazing panoramic photos directly from your iPhone. Allows up to 16 photos so you can grab a full 360 shot.

Great for landscape and vacation shots.


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