Pixomatic: Make cutouts of an image with your fingertips

The present day tech-savvy mobile users are looking for simple systems that can identify what one is going to take out from an image and help to make smart and one-touch creative edits directly from a mobile device. No matter whether one is an amateur or professional photographer there are a number of editing mobile applications available on the market which allow photography lovers to experiment with powerful photo editing tools.

If you have an advanced camera put into your smartphone the mobile photo editing apps are there to add some cool tweaks and turn your photos into digital artworks. With Pixlr one can take photos and turn them into beautiful masterpieces with over two million combinations of effects, overlays and filters. Just recently, a pack of 14 patterns has also been added to the app that makes it possible to create patterned images. Snapseed is good for image enhancements and corrections. The app makes it possible to retouch, adjust perspective, re-edit and do more advanced edits in the palm of your hand. But there is one very common feature that many users are looking for which is not available in the most popular apps. Users do not have the convenience of cutting out, replacing and removing certain elements of an image. Tapping on the background and replacing it to something totally different; choosing another object and transform it black-and-white and so on – in short, intelligently choosing objects on an image and transforming or replacing them. Fortunately there is a dedicated app for such a convenient photo editing, called Pixomatic.

With the help of Pixomatic photo editor app one can accurately cut certain elements from an image and put them into another image along with the possibility to replace or remove the backgrounds, apply various filters, create dynamic coloursplash effects, add shadows or text, etc. While it may not have millions combinations of effects and filters, and is not yet available for Android users (scheduled to be launched end of September 2016), the advantage of this app is its algorithm that automatically detects the edges of the selected image area. In addition, the app supports 3D touch and duo filters that make the edits look more realistic. Once the final result is achieved, the image can be exported in high resolution and shared on social media channels. At the moment the reasonably priced Pixomatic app is available for iOS only and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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