Pocket Planes proves that NimbleBit can have more than one hit

NimbleBit, the creator’s of the excellent Tiny Tower, have finally returned with their next modern classic in the form of Pocket Planes. For some reason, these guys know how to make the social media/management type games actually fun. Mostly, they just aren’t greedy, and they don’t harshly punish players for not playing in a while, unlike that other game with all the dying plants. On top of this low pressure environment is the same exceedingly charming art style from Tiny Tower, and all in all, these elements make for a great follow up.

When you begin the game, you’ll choose an area of the world to start your airline business in, giving you a few starting airports. As you fly random cargo and passengers between destinations, you’ll save up money and gain experience. Upon leveling up, you’ll be able to buy new airports and planes, always increasing your network of airports and expanding until your company spans the world. Being able to buy new planes and ports is a pretty rare treat, as they’re expensive. This makes your expansions feel so much more rewarding. If the process is too slow for you, you can still buy extra currency in-app, if that’s your prerogative.

As with floors and their tenants in Tiny Tower, planes and their pilots can be repainted and randomized to your liking. Random kooky passengers and parcels will occasionally show up, like a storm trooper or a crystal skull, and they’re usually worth the ‘Bux’ currency dollars. I love that this game let’s you exchange regular coins for Bux at will. You can also collect random money that flies by your planes mid flight, though that’s a tedious affair. Overall, if you’re a fan of these kinds of games or enjoyed Tiny Tower, there is no reason you shouldn’t try this one out. It is excellent for what it is.

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