Pokémon GO Enhanced with PokéLogs

Taking dormant fans and new players into a new era of gaming, other app developers have attempted to monopolize on the growth of Pokémon Go by creating related apps in the space. One such app, PokéLogs, was created to augment all of the player’s adventures into realities, transforming the Pokémon experience to go beyond just static phone screens.

With the ability to share images of discovered Pokémon creatures, PokéLogs enables Pokémon Go players to compare newly captured Pokémon. The app can further be integrated with Pokémon Go in a seamless manner so that using both apps simultaneously will not result in degradation of the user experience.  Bolstering many features that Pokémon Go players find to be critical to their gameplay, PokéLogs has become an essential for many with features such as allowing users to submit a report for each log generated about different Pokémon creatures found in the game. Users are then able to rank the utility of the report or inquire about the various details that are mentioned.


The reports that are generated in PokéLogs can easily be shared with other Pokémon Go players in the neighborhood through AirDrop by tapping on a single icon. Upon opening the app, users are taken to a dashboard where they are able to directly generate a new log with a title, description, and recent snapshot. From there, players are able to update and share their generated PokéLogs to the rest of the Pokémon Go community where others are able to rank the report. Furthermore, players can explore the reports created by other players or remove themselves from a log by simply clicking an “X” button on the respective logs.

While the app enables players to let others know about their findings through creating a geo-location indicator and sharing it, this feature has already been exploited in the original app as a means of luring players to an area where there are either no Pokémon to be found or for more malicious acts such as theft. This requires that the geo-location feature only be utilized in trusted areas and while travelling in groups. To counter this, PokéLogs offers in-app requests for an Uber ride so that users can capture all the Pokémon creatures in the neighborhood with fewer risks.

As one of the first augmented reality apps available, Pokémon Go continues to spur spin off applications from its immense growth in the last 6 months. PokéLogs is one such app that has enhanced the hunting experience of Pokémon Go through various features such as location tracking and report generating. Completely free on the App Store, PokéLogs offers a new dimension to Pokemon players and is essential for tracking the different creatures available.

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