The Best Free Productivity Apps – Why Wait?

Productivity Apps

Digital productivity tools like the calendar, to-do list, whiteboard, and spreadsheet are becoming popular again, thanks to some recent innovations. One thing they all have in common is that they’re designed to help you accomplish more in less time. Here is a list of the best free productivity apps available today:


1. Google Sheets – The Best Spreadsheet Program

If you use Gmail and have a Google account, you’re probably already aware of Google Sheets. Available on the web, iOS, and Android, it’s one of the most powerful productivity tools for working with company data. This is because it integrates with all of Google’s products.

Google Sheets also works with a variety of other applications, including thousands of Zapier apps. Google Sheets’ collaborative features are excellent, saving you from wasting time emailing changed files back and forth. Instead, you can collaborate with team members in real-time using the same spreadsheet.

Additionally, you may post comments and follow-ups right in the spreadsheet. Furthermore, the version history function allows you to quickly locate and track changes. This app makes spreadsheet tracking easy and flexible.


2. Microsoft Whiteboard – The Best Whiteboard Program

Both a PC and an iOS app are available for this digital canvas software. It’s a great method for creating things on the fly and sharing them with others in a collaborative setting.

Instead of a single-location whiteboard, Microsoft Whiteboard is a cloud-based program. It lets you turn thoughts into charts or visualizations that others on your team can view simultaneously from anywhere. This means everyone may view the same graphics and contribute from their displays or browser windows.

Plus, you won’t need to snap a picture of the whiteboard. That’s because the visuals are preserved and saved in the cloud, where no one will be able to erase them.

Everyone participating in a project saves time by using a digital procedure for brainstorming and idea exchange. Therefore, you can quickly access the app and combine it with other Microsoft tools for increased convenience. Further, collaboration is made easier and time saved if you have a Microsoft account.

It’s still a work in progress, as Microsoft is promising a slew of new features. However, the initial value captures everything that’s useful about whiteboards and digitizes the experience.


3. Todoist – The Best To-do App

Todoist is one of the best free productivity apps around. It allows you to prioritize chores and project work online and offline, across various devices. Additionally, it allows you to work in a collaborative environment.

This cloud-based productivity app syncs across all of your devices, enhancing client meetings and making follow-up emails easier. In addition, you’ll always have the most up-to-date list of tasks and project work. Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Android Wear, Apple Watch, and the web are all supported. 

Natural language input and productivity reports are two standout intuitive features of Todoist. The app is fairly easy to set up and has a sleek, easy-to-read UI with color-coding choices.

This program also stands out due to its numerous integration options. Using a Gmail or Outlook plugin, you may convert emails into Todoist tasks. Chrome and Firefox both include plugins that allow you to turn web pages into tasks.

Todoist also connects to Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar and a variety of other digital calendar programs via a link. Additionally, Todoist and Slack can work together.

Many of its capabilities are available on the free account. It offers features like collaborating with up to five individuals on a project and organizing up to 80 projects. Other functionality, such as filters, reminders, and comments for tasks and files, will require an upgrade.


4. Calendar – The Best Calendar App

The Calendar app is available for the web, Android, and iOS. It leverages machine-learning algorithms to provide smart scheduling features.

This productivity tool learns your schedule and interactions so it can automate them. Calendar will automate your event, meeting, and appointment scheduling. Additionally, it will invite others and adjust your schedule as needed.

It merely takes a few clicks to manually create an event. After that, it syncs with any connected calendars. Calendar integrates with a variety of project management, email, sales, marketing, or video conferencing technologies.

The productivity software has a variety of unique features including numerous views, customization tools, a simple dashboard, and calendar-sharing options. Meeting transcriptions and a suite of analytics tools are also available in the commercial versions. This tool was created to help business owners be more productive.


These productivity apps serve as reminders of why standard business and organizing tools should not be overlooked. They are essential in helping you to work smarter. The best productivity apps are available now to help your home or your business run more smoothly and more efficiently.


Image Credit: Anna Shvet; Pexels; Thank you!

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