Putin’s Deal with Wagner: A Rare Revelation from MI6 Chief


In a rare speech delivered in Prague, the head of Britain’s MI6, Richard Moore, confirmed the existence of a deal between Russian President Vladimir Putin and the boss of private military group Wagner, Yevgeny Prigozhin. The deal was struck to halt Wagner’s advance on Moscow during the failed rebellion on June 24. Moore’s speech shed light on the behind-the-scenes dynamics and the surprising turn of events during that fateful weekend. This article delves into the details of the deal, the unprecedented behavior of Putin, the fate of Wagner, and the implications of this revelation.

According to Richard Moore, Yevgeny Prigozhin, the leader of Wagner, initially appeared to be a traitor in Putin’s eyes. However, he was swiftly pardoned and even invited to meet Putin days later. Moore expressed his puzzlement at the rapid shifts in loyalties and the unpredictable nature of Putin’s actions. He stated, “There are some things that even the chief of MI6 finds difficult to interpret, in terms of who’s in and who’s out.”

Moore provided insight into Prigozhin’s current status, revealing that he is still “floating around” according to MI6’s understanding. This information contrasts with Prigozhin’s usual profane and frequent audio messages on Telegram, which have recently ceased.

The Western intelligence community has been cautious in commenting on the failed rebellion, fearing that their statements may be used by Russia to support their claims of Western involvement in internal dissent. However, Moore’s on-camera speech allowed him to convey the shock and weakness displayed by Putin during that weekend. Moore emphasized that Putin did not fight back against Prigozhin’s advance but instead cut a deal to save himself. He credited the intervention of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko for brokering the agreement, stating, “He has to have realized that something is deeply rotten in the state of Denmark… and he had to cut this deal.”

Moore acknowledged the difficulty of making firm judgments about the future of Wagner as a mercenary group. However, he noted that they do not appear to be engaged in Ukraine anymore, though there are indications of their presence in Belarus. The exact fate of Wagner remains uncertain, as it operates in secrecy and its activities are often shrouded in mystery.

Richard Moore deliberately chose Prague as the venue for his speech, highlighting its historical significance as the last European capital to witness the entry of Russian tanks before the invasion of Ukraine. This choice symbolized the shared experiences of the Czech Republic and Ukraine, further emphasizing the importance of his message.

In an unusually open appeal, Moore called upon Russians who are appalled by the violence inflicted by their armed forces in Ukraine to spy for the United Kingdom. He urged them to join hands with the UK in bringing an end to the bloodshed. Moore assured potential informants that their secrets would be kept safe, emphasizing the collaborative effort required to address the ongoing crisis.

While discussing foreign involvement in the invasion of Ukraine, Moore pointed out that China is complicit due to its continued support of Putin’s regime. He also highlighted the divisions caused by Iran’s support for Russia, with senior Iranian officials differing in their approach. Iran’s primary motivation appears to be financial gain, as they are willing to sell various weapons, including drones that are typically used to target civilians.

Richard Moore’s rare speech in Prague provided valuable insights into the deal struck between Putin and Prigozhin, shedding light on the surprising behavior of the Russian president. The fate of Wagner remains uncertain, but it appears to have shifted its focus away from Ukraine. Moore’s appeal to Russians and his emphasis on collaboration underscore the need for international cooperation to bring an end to the violence. As the geopolitical landscape continues to evolve, it is crucial to stay informed and navigate these complexities with a keen understanding of the facts.

First reported by CNN.

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