Quirky and fabulous apps for amateur photographers

Given the developments in camera technology that has given nearly every phone user the ability to capture stunning images, the introduction of mobile apps has expanded the scope which photographers are able to take pictures. As the camera increases in picture quality and overall function, more features can be realized with the phone to include slow motion videos to pictures that are on par with professional cameras. From those who are amateur photographers looking to improve their skills to those who are more familiar with camera technology, the apps listed in this article are able to provide a significant amount of value in terms of capturing the best images possible.

Camera+ (iOS)

One of the most popular camera apps available for the iPhone is Camera+ for the vastness of options that it gives to photographers. For example, while the stock camera takes simple pictures with a limited number of editing options including brightness and contrast, the app introduces new elements such as filters, borders, effects, scene, exposure, and focus. With this, photographers are able to take the perfect photo as so many different factors can be adjusted. Furthermore, the photos can also be edited after being taken so that if a picture is taken in sub optimal conditions, they can be fixed afterwards in a matter of seconds. One of the most differentiating features of Camera+ is called Clarity which automates a large part of the post-editing process. By being able to identify where the photo can be improved, the app automatically makes the adjustments necessary to enhance it without the need for user input. This ensures that even for those who are unfamiliar with photography terms such as saturation and contrast, photos can still be improved so that bad photos can be turned to great ones, making it one of the best apps in the photography space.

Facetune (Android, iOS)

Taking selfies is a trend that is on the rise in many parts of the world. The desire to take self-portraits has pushed for the improvement of the front-facing camera that many use solely for taking pictures of themselves or with others. For this reason, Facetune is a highly recommended app for those who are looking to improve these types of photographs. The app offers a suite of features that are aimed solely at improving how pictures of people look such as offering the ability to whiten teeth, clear up skin, and change eye color. With these features, users do not need expensive software of professional services to do the touch-ups but can do so right on their mobile device. Facetune makes it easy to accurately make the necessary changes by allowing zooming in capabilities so that even those who are new to the process can do so simply. With so many different things that can be improved in terms of facial photos coupled with the degree of usability, Facetune is a great tool for those who aim to perfect their selfies.

Afterlight (iOS)

Offering more basic forms of editing that deviates from complicated terms and features, Afterlight is an ideal editing tool designed for those who are relatively new to photography. Through frames, filters, and cropping, users are able to edit their photos exactly how they want to without the clutter of other complicated tools. For example, if a user simply needs to add a filter or remove a certain part of their photo, the app is one of the easiest to use. The vastness of frames and filters make it one of the most comprehensive in the photography space as other apps simply do not offer this range of options. Beyond this, Afterlight is one of the quickest apps for post editing as the final photo can be completely edited in seconds and then shared to various social media sites. This ensures that the process of taking a photo, editing it, and then uploading it is highly streamlined and can be done quicker than with any other app.

Enlight (iOS)

One of the most creative apps dedicated to unique photography is Enlight which does not simply apply filters to the photos, but instead turns the photos into forms of art. For example, images can be turned into parts of trees or made into a graffiti effect, something that other apps are not able to replicate. Beyond this, pictures can be combined with other images or text so that a unique image is created altogether. Comparable to a professional editor Photoshopping the image, the ability for anybody to create new and creative pieces of art from captured images makes Englight one of the best apps in the space. The actual process of editing the image is also made extremely easy even though the results can be quite complex. This is achieved through having very basic tools such as offering presets, tools, and masks as options to carry out many of the functions. Despite the simple nature of these tools, the combination of applying different tools can add a highly detailed and complex result that combines creativity while maintaining a high degree of usability.

Fontmania – Add Artworks & Text to Your Photos! (iOS)

For more personalization in terms of editing photos, many people seek to add their own text to the image although few tools offer this degree of customization. One tool that lets users add text in a simple way is Fontmania which is primarily aimed at adding text in different and unique ways. For example, after enhancing the photo with basic tools that include contrast and cropping, users are able to add text into their photos with the ability to choose the font, color, and style which the text is placed over the photo. With so many different templates to choose from, users can either create their own style or choose from a pre-existing one to further simplify the process. The app is highly useful in adding creative and beautiful text that can even be used to create invitations and greeting cards. With the ability to save the designs, users can quickly apply the same edits and text to different photos to increase the speed at which text can be added.

Color Splurge (Android, iOS)

Don’t you just love those black and white photos of babies where one item will be in color? Check out the free Color Splurge app and create this photography effect yourself. This snazzy app fully integrates with Facebook so you can grab your album photos and get artistic with color. Then, upload a flashy new profile picture or share colorful new pictures of your family. You will definitely impress your friends with the pictures you make from this app.

Hipstamatic (iOS)

Do you miss the look and feel of your old-school family photos? Then you will absolutely adore the Hipstamatic app for iPhone. And no, you don’t have to be a hipster to use it. This vintage photography app allows you to swap lenses, flashes and films for tons of various effects that spice up your digital photography. You can even order analog photos with this app, or just do the new-school thing and upload them to social media sites.

PocketBooth (Android, iOS)

Photo booths always bring out the goofy in folks of every age. Now you can snap photo booth photos of your family and friends everywhere you go with the PocketBooth iPhone app. You can even order hard copies of the photos if you wish or print to your own printer. There are even different effects you can apply to achieve your desired outcome such as sepia,1975, antique and more. This app is perfect for children’s birthday parties and family reunions.

Slow Shutter Cam (iOS)

Use the Slow Shutter Cam app for iPhone to create ghost images and waterfall effects to your choice images. This ingenious app gives you a real-time previews, allows you to “freeze,” select shutter speeds, and even has a handy self-timer, to name just a few of its features. It takes a little playing around with to master the selections, but it’s totally worth the time investment.

As photography is a large segment of apps on the App Store, finding the best ones for a particular function or niche can be difficult. Given that the camera technology on the iPhone continues to increase in terms of power, more apps are likely to be added to the store to capitalize on new features and functions. For that reason, this article breaks down the best ones for certain functions such as different apps for editing, selfies, and adding a new element of creativity.

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