Read between the lines with iDream: Dream Interpreter and Journal iPhone app

Dream interpretation can be a complicated business. I remember more than one friend in high school claiming to have the definitive guide to dream interpretation. Luckily iDream: Dream Interpreter and Journal is a relatively hassle-free way to chart your dreams and look up their possible meanings.

iDream is broken into three sections, two of which handle dream interpretation, while the third functions as the your own dream journal. The dream journal is fairly straightforward, letting you create journal entries that auto-populate with hyperlinks to dream terms. For instance, one of my fake dreams for the purpose of testing the app was: “Dreamt of love in the sea.” Once published, the journal entry highlighted “love” and “sea,” and tapping each word brought the app to their respective interpretations.

The dream interpretation sections “Search For A Meaning” and “Browse Meanings” function just like they sound. The former is an open search while the latter is an enormous glossary of terms. For a free app, iDream doesn’t leave many stones unturned when it comes to possible dream subjects. Everything from dreams about abduction to dreams about zinc are covered in the app.

For those concerned about privacy as it relates to the dream journal, iDream also comes with a password feature to keep unwanted eyes from seeing your innermost dream secrets.

iDream does have a $0.99 premium version that removes advertisements, adds 750 new dream meanings, has an audio journal recorder and a smart search, but the free version is a great place to start if you’re unsure whether you’ll really use the app.

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